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  1. A local vinyl shop quoted me $250 to wrap all mine. May be cheaper that way.
  2. They're pretty self explanatory, once you pry out the plastic inserts the lights will clip right in, and there's no wrong way to hook up the wires.
  3. The middle part where the license plate would go? When I bought mine I told the dealer not to drill holes in it for a license plate, but they did anyways. They paid a local dealer to replace it (I bought the truck out of state) and the local dealer billed them 6 hours since they said the whole front end had to come apart.
  4. That sounds great, I've been waiting to hear it other than the video from flowmaster. I didn't like the idea of changing away from the stock valance tips, but the blacks ones are growing on me.
  5. I have a Heatshield brand one and it fits great. My truck sits for weeks at a time not being driven so i have all of their window covers.
  6. Never tried Costco gas, but I've never had issues with Chevron ... or any other ones.
  7. I have the Ronin also. I always use my phone for music, so I'm not sure about reception.
  8. I did mine when I first got it. I think it looks a lot better.
  9. I don't drive a lot, but I drove 800 miles straight home after buying it and didn't think they were that comfortable. They aren't terrible, but the seats in my 94 suburban were a lot better.
  10. I actually had to delete my profile to get it to come back.
  11. I setup a profile and the messaging app went away, and I couldn't find it anywhere. If I don't have a profile setup and just use guest the app is there
  12. I don't use Android auto, but if you push and hold the button it connects to my phone that's on Bluetooth, instead of the truck.
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