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  1. Update, good news is GM is aware there is an issue, bad news no fix yet.
  2. what it means is the auto climate controls are not working, manual temp hot/cold, vent selection, speed seem to work for me. Mine's at the dealer now and they have seen the display show not working, we'll see what happens.
  3. Anyone got a fix, thought today’s update would do it, but looks like trip to the dealer is necessary
  4. Performance Upgrade Package

    I did both and am happy with the outcome. Much better sound and the truck just feels a bit more lively.
  5. MPG 6.2l

    I’m getting just over 16 so far for 4000 miles according to the trip computer...sounds a feels about right. 6,2 AT4 with 33” KO2s perf exhaust and cai.
  6. Ceramic coating

    Had mi e done when new, dealer farmed it out, they did a great job had the, do my wife’s SUV 5 years old need paint correction Bradley, came out looking like new. They used the Simonize quartz product, not as good as some of the high end stuff but came with 5 yr warranty so not bad.
  7. Ditto, all weather only
  8. Ditto on #3. Can’t rush the process
  9. Gm performance exhaust

    I also installed on my AT4 6.2 along with the CAI. Sounds much better, have not noticed a drone at all. Between the two truck is more responsive and sounds great.
  10. 1200 miles, next at 5000 and then that interval. Mobil 1 on a 6.2
  11. 2019 AT4. Fuel 20” wheel (18” don’t fit over calipers). KO2s 285/55/20. Working on getting detailed wheel specs.

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