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  1. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    Thanks! And it’s a pro comp 6inch lift.
  2. Tailgate letters

    I have a black HC I’m thinking about just doing the letters flat black. I know it sounds dumb lol but I feel like it’ll be nice having just the Chevrolet letters flat black.
  3. What do y’all think about fabtech coilovers?
  4. Just got this box made for my HC for 2 JL audio 10w7 they should be going in next week!
  5. I’m no expert but my setup has a more aggressive offset and I barely rub at all at a full left turn only.
  6. Lower front bumper valance

    I removed mine wouldn’t be able to tell on drop of mpg since I lifted my truck and it dropped it anyway.
  7. I honestly never notice when the cylinders cut off. And yes I removed both flaps. And both resonators in the back were removed.
  8. Only way to post a vid is through YouTube right? Drone is minimal if any. As when I accelerate it does get a bit loud in the cabin but I should mention I have a heavy foot lol but when cruising I barely even notice it. Also I have the k&n intake which made the exhaust a bit louder.
  9. Yup same with mine but after I got them off the exhaust got much louder
  10. I don’t have a part number but it was only the muffler not a cat back.
  11. I got the resonators in the back cut out and replaced them with a straight pipe that’s what truly made the difference.
  12. That’s weird my borla Atak muffler is quite noticeable at idle while the truck is just standing there you can hear the rumble it’s not loud but much more than stock imo.
  13. Oh ok what size wheels? Because I’m running 22x12 -44 with 35 nitto trail grapplers

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