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  1. I honestly never notice when the cylinders cut off. And yes I removed both flaps. And both resonators in the back were removed.
  2. Only way to post a vid is through YouTube right? Drone is minimal if any. As when I accelerate it does get a bit loud in the cabin but I should mention I have a heavy foot lol but when cruising I barely even notice it. Also I have the k&n intake which made the exhaust a bit louder.
  3. Yup same with mine but after I got them off the exhaust got much louder
  4. I don’t have a part number but it was only the muffler not a cat back.
  5. I got the resonators in the back cut out and replaced them with a straight pipe that’s what truly made the difference.
  6. That’s weird my borla Atak muffler is quite noticeable at idle while the truck is just standing there you can hear the rumble it’s not loud but much more than stock imo.
  7. Oh ok what size wheels? Because I’m running 22x12 -44 with 35 nitto trail grapplers
  8. Really? What offset are you running and what size tires do you have?
  9. K&N air intake

    Yes that’s the one I got and no it’s not as loud honestly you will barely hear it but still has a nice growl to it. It for sure made my borla muffler louder when I get on it though. As for performance I do feel that it made a bit of a difference the truck feels stronger when I get on it. Of course it’s not a night and day difference tho but that’s expected from just an intake mod.
  10. K&N air intake

    Installed my k&n on mine yesterday
  11. Awesome thanks for the info I have a pro comp 6” on mine and I’m really interested on a coilover setup but been waiting on fox shocks to make something I may definitely go with ICON heard many good things about them.
  12. Cold Air Intake

    My K&N arrives Tuesday guys let’s see how it goes
  13. What size lift do you have? Also if you don’t mind me asking how much did they cost you?

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