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  1. CMatt, I just got the Center Console for my 2015 Tahoe PPV, I will be working on taking out the center console and taking pics of the connector end so you can build the harness. As for the IO3 to IO6 upgrade I am looking at parts now, I know I need the HMI2.5, Radio module with apple play and android and navigation module if I want nav and the 8 in screen and sirrus radio antenna. I know infotainment sells a complete package for a little over 2k which is 90% plug and plag but there is still some wiring that has to be done. Last question, is it possible to go from a key ignition to a push to start on the PPV?
  2. Phil, do you have any advice or instructions on upgrading the radio in a 2015 Tahoe PPV running IO3 to the IO6 8'inch screen apple and android play I know that I need to replace the HMI to HMI2.5, radio and navigation module. I was told that I pretty much will have to rewire the entire dash but I have seen systems that say 90%plug and play. Aso since I am upgrading my pump seat to a center console will I need to also order your plug and play harness and will yours work on a US tahoe PPV as well.
  3. Frankie, I am interested in the 8 inche screen and the 2 modules but not sure if it will fit in my 201 chevy Tahoe. if it will work can you pm a price for the package
  4. Cmatt, the mirror issue I read in another thread but that upgrade is going to be later done the first two upgrades is the center console and most likely replace the driver and passenger power seats. The console I found on ebay. I can remove the passenger seat and send you pics of the harness, so you can see what module programming you will need. I saw someone here sold one for a Silverado but apparently it will notwork on a tahoe. Is there a particular center console to avoid? Thanks for your assistance.
  5. I have IO3 and want to go with IO6 and the 8 inch screen. if I order the 8 inch screen from GM OEM parts with HMI would i need to go with. This is going into a 2015 tahoe PPV.
  6. CMatt and RC45, I have a 2015 PPV and want to get ride if the jump seat and install a center console. I can find a console on ebay but need to know what wiring harness and connectors to get to make it work properly. Also want to upgrade the dam io3 4 inch screen system to a 7 or 8 inch io6 touch screen. I have seen places that offer a system for 2k but was thinking I should be able to pull the parts needed from a salvaged 2018 tahoe or suburban. Lastly, I want to add power folding mirrors but read that people are having issue with the passenger side not folding or adjusting. Any assistance you can lend on these two upgrades I would greatly appreciate the assistance.
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