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  1. After working with the dealership for 6 months and GM customer care for 3 weeks, I have decided that I won’t risk the safety of my family on a persistent brake problem any longer. Now that GM part shipments are slow, if not completely stopped, due to the strike, I’m not going to wait it out for a new master cylinder. I have traded my AT4 in and won’t give GM any more of my business. My sincere thanks to those on this forum who have offered valuable product information. My thanks also to the leadership of this forum for making a valuable resource available. With Regards.
  2. Houston is a haul for you, but I always see a few on the lot when I'm in for service. I can't vouch for their sales department since I did not buy there: https://www.texangm.com/VehicleSearchResults?searchQuery=AT4#close
  3. Add me to the list of those with a '19 AT4 and "Service Brake Assist" issues. Dealership has been trying to track my failure down since 7/19. Finally, this week, they say that GM wants them to replace the master cylinder. Now, the big wait is for parts especially with the strike going on. I've had a case open with GM Customer Care for the last few weeks.
  4. Years back, after seeing the swirls left on the paint from using the car grinder wash, I started washing my own ride. Start with Meguires Gold car wash and the "two bucket" method for washing. Their other products are amazing and have been using them for 20+ years. If you're not as precision as myself, use the touch-free ones as mentioned above. Keep in mind though, touch-free can't remove the "haze" dirt from your ride. You'll need to put some elbow grease in at some point or take it to the wire-brush washes.
  5. Not so much an issue getting parts, but more of an issue getting software/firmware problems addressed. Only going by what my dealer says, but their response is that GM is slow in responding to dealership inquires about software glitches. I'm in the dealership dead zone over the infamous "Service Brake Assist" error message on startup. They've scanned and submitted the info to GM 3-4 weeks ago and continue to say that GM has responded with nothing. I really miss the days when you did not have to escalate with GM corporate in order to get a repair done.
  6. It's a bummer you fell into the dealer's trap. That's the risk you run when you let someone else do it outside of your line of sight. I too have been lulled into the dealership freebie spider web and also found out it did not meet my standards. That's another reason I like Discount Tire (as someone else mentioned). You have full view of the service bay, they fix flats and rotate for free. I've of course spent enough money with them over the years that they still make a profit off my "freebies"!
  7. Greetings Phil, I'm going to venture a guess that your chassis ground is floating (since you're running off an independent battery and not the truck battery). Also since you're seeing the same problem with your HT. I would expect that your HT and rig in the truck would act the same. For grins, I'd take it off independent battery power, temporarily ground the UHF/VHF rig to chassis, make sure the antenna is grounded to chassis, temporarily connect your rig to truck battery power, and try the exercise again. The front end on the F-150 good-times-radio must be tighter than ours. I've not had a chance to install my rig in the new AT4, but did not see this problem in my '17 Canyon when it was wired to truck power. I'll venture out later today with my HT and see if I have the same issue. In the interim, maybe someone else can chime in. 73.
  8. It all comes down to personal preference. For me, it's Black hands down. When I saw mine on the lot with the bed cover and upgraded tires, I knew my search was finished. That being said, a clean Black truck looks amazing.. but keeping a black truck at that level of clean for any given amount of time is impossible. I could go on-and-on about swirls showing up more for black, etc. etc. I have a lot of time on my hands to keep it clean, so for now, black works for me. Red Quartz is an amazing color too, so you can't go wrong there. That color always turns my head when I see one.
  9. I had my AT4 in for repair on this and the software update was not enough to fix. Dealer swapped out the SD Card socket due to reports from GM that *some* were fitted with defective SD card slots on the assembly line. If you still have trouble, have them check. the socket.
  10. I wanted to share a couple of warranty repairs that I went in for last week. As many have shared, NAV stopped working due to SDCARD no longer able to be found (display error message). The resolution to this was replacement of the SDCARD slot assembly. The techs indicated there is a tech bulletin about slot assemblies that did not allow the card to seat securely. No problems since the replacement. Also, everyone has been flashing me with their headlights at night (them thinking my brights were on). Dealer under warranty dropped the low beams 2” which interestingly enough, is the lift amount on the AT4. The service writer did not go “on record” by staying this is a common problem, but the tech said he does not think they have a process on the line to realign the low beams for AT4’s.
  11. Lest we forget that person who goes out of their way to park beside you - when you’ve taken the time to park away from the pack. :-)
  12. I’ve not used it to it’s full capability yet on the AT4, but it definitely takes all effort away from getting into the bed for wash days, etc. Even for something as mediocre as grocery getting (I have a hard bed cover), it brings practical use back to the truck bed. It’s also going to come in handy when ham radio antenna mount time comes. I can’t wait for summer in order to put it to it’s full use - loading the gen set, furniture move from across the US, etc. I’m planning to add a travel trailer this year, so I can only imagine it’s going to make gearing up that much easier.
  13. Agreed. My first stop after picking up the AT4 was the local parts store. I picked up a black after-market shorty and did not look back. No noticeable affect in FM reception, however I do live in a flat metro area. Also, I spend little time listening to terrestrial stations anyway (either SXM or Pandora on cell).
  14. Thanks all for the responses. I guess this falls into the fun category of “working as designed”.
  15. Has anyone else had problems with bumping the right hand roller/selector knob while driving? I’m finding that I keep bumping the roller/selector while driving and changing the driver information options unintentionally. It’s almost as if the detent on the roll switch is not aggressive enough (or the tension of the roller/button is too weak). Just trying to determine if I need to modify my driving behavior or do I have an overly sensitive switch that needs addressed by service. Thank you.
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