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  1. Hey everyone, I have a 1999 gmc sierra 1500 4x4 sle, The past month or two ive been having some problems with my truck. Sometimes when I go to start my truck, itll act as if there is no power to the vehicle at all, wont even make the rapid clicking noise it usually makes when the battery is dead. I didnt have a fuse panel cover or box cover and Id go through the creek and get mud and water in my fuse box all the time, and most the time my truck would stay on after I turned the key to off, and the horn would stay on. The last time I went out the horn stayed on and then eventually turned off and now no longer works, Im thinking that maybe the horn relay or fuse is drawing power the entire time and slowly killing my battery. I just got a brand new Duralast Gold battery and all new battery terminal bolts on saturday and it was dead this morning reading below 9v, so theres obviously a power drain somewhere. If anyone has had this problem or knows anyone who could help that would be great!
  2. 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 Build

    Hello everyone, Im going to list everything ive done to my truck since I bought it, I bought the truck with a rebuild 5.3 lt vortec with about 235k miles. The very first thing I did was put in aftermarket headlights as well as tow mirrors, it already had aftermarket tail lights when I bought it was well as a 6 inch lift. Next I bought a 52" lightbar for the roof as well as a 32" lightbar for the bottom grille. This last summer came, and my rear 10 bolt axle grenaded, so I threw a Sterling 10.25 rear axle in it with 4:11 gears and limited slip. I also did a shackle flip with the rear axle swap to get more flex out of it. I then painted all my chrome accenting to black to make it look more aggressive. I had to buy new wheels to fit on the new 8 lug axle in the rear, and a 6 to 8 lug adapter for the front with a spacer in the rear to make it look more aggressive. I then replaced my interior with camo seats in the rear, and new dash led blue lights. I then bought a trailer hitch for it, as well as new aftermarket front markers and a tailgate brake strip. I bought a new 3rd brake light with the cargo lamp, but no matter what the cargo lamp wont turn off so I have to send it back and replace it or if anyone here knows how to fix it. Next ill be posting pictures of every upgrade I did!! Hope you enjoy!!

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