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  1. It sounds like the hood release latch cable. If you reach under and grab the cable and put pressure on it, it should stop. If it does, then that's your problem. My dealership was nice enough to replace the cable to stop the rattle.
  2. Had the same problem with mine... After a tire rotate and rebalance didn't work the dealer found what the issue really was. The driveshaft had a dent! They replaced the driveshaft at no cost since the damage came from the factory. Hope you can find your gremlin!
  3. My dealership had me unpair/delete my phone from the truck, I then deleted the truck from my phone under Bluetooth settings. After everything was paired again I haven't had the issue come back. Hope this works for others as well. I was using a Galaxy S9.
  4. I've been in the shops a few times and they don't have any updates and have not heard of this issue. Of course, trying to duplicate the problem is impossible when you're sitting at the dealership. I believe I have all the recent updates and still get blasted at least 3 times a week. Hope you have better luck and post back here if you get it resolved! Thanks!
  5. This happens with me all the time. Because I'm at a lack of space in my garage to park, I have to park within a few inches from the wall. I approach the wall slow and it shuts down when I stop only to fire up again when I put it in park. It is so annoying that I've learned to shift into neutral before the truck comes to a complete stop so the engine doesn't die. I've also noticed that at some stops, if you lift off the brake just as the engine dies, there starter will crank before the engine full stops and causes that horrible starter screech sound. Engineers should add a second to the stop and shut down delay! I'm definitely not a fan as you can tell.
  6. You're welcome, I brought mine to the dealer and they replaced the cable under warranty. I've been rattle free ever since. Only took me 5k miles to figure out where it came from though....
  7. Throw in 300# of sand in the box, you will get the level you want, cheaper, easier to install, more traction in the winter and it's easily reversible if you don't like the look! .02$
  8. Throw in 300# of sand in the box, you will get the level you want, cheaper, easier to install, more traction in the winter and it's easily reversible if you don't like the look! .02$
  9. Just push the button on one side of the base and wiggle the head rest out, it's a little tight. I pulled the bars apart a bit when I switched then around and all was good when I put them back in.
  10. Check the hood release cable, mine was making a little noise. Just reach under the release and grab the cable when you are driving. If it stops, then you will know if that is it. Hope this helps!
  11. There is another thread on this. Quite common problem, no fix yet as GM is aware and working on it.
  12. I had the exact problem with my AT4. Brought it in and had the wheels balanced but it didn't help. They eventually found that the drive shaft had a dent! Replaced under warranty as I had it in for the shake shortly after I bought it. Rides smooth now. Hope yours is as simple of a fix.
  13. Brought mine in for this issue about two months ago. In the end, the dealer replaced the card, card reader, whole radio unit, and the USB/USB-c plug under the radio. They managed to finally fix it but it took two weeks for ordering various parts and stuff. Just for fun I asked what they do if all this didn't work. They said they still had one more option which would be to put in a new wiring harness. Luckily, they didn't have to do that.... yet. No problems now for two weeks now.
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