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  1. Did figure out the wire. My only thought would be tap into the cigarette outlet in the center console.
  2. Is it the stock hmi? If it isn’t it might be a programming glitch. Or possibly its reading the touch input. Try cleaning the screen and shinning a flashlight on a angle to see if there is any flaws
  3. The problem I have is where I have to park, the mirror lights shine right in my neighbors windows every time I unlock my truck. I work weird hours and unfortunately I like my neighbors. Is it possible to add a separate switch to that mod to be able to turn them off and on when needed
  4. I’m new to this so be gentle. 2015 Silverado 2500 has the white LED mirror lights that turn on with the cargo switch. How do I get them to come on in reverse? Can the dealer update bcm module and problem solved or am I out of luck? Also wondering about the remote roll down and up of the windows by the key remote
  5. I have the same problem on my 15. I can’t pinpoint it so I’m going to try applying painters tape to the seam and window to eliminate the noise. Hopefully I can track it
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