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  1. after you install the harnesses, you still need to take it to the dealer to reprogram the BCM, you should have received a code with the purchase of the mirrors
  2. the owners manual specifies not to use the block heater unless the temps drop under 0 F why...I have no idea stupid computers
  3. I got my truck last week and have less than 300 miles on it. The computer is showing 23 mpg. Now I have the diesel off-road package (3.73 gears) so I expect a little lower MPGs
  4. I'm hoping to add them to my 1500 in the near future
  5. I wish it had the tow mirrors (it will have them soon enough) I did get the 3.73 gears?
  6. I just walked away from an RST because they said they couldn't add the factory controller
  7. I just walked away from a RST because the dealer said no way to
  8. also considering th 3.0...but with the diesel off road package to get the 3.73 gears
  9. I'm looking at a LT with the 3.0 and the off road package and curious about the 3.73's
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