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  2. Chrome can be painted reliably. You have to scuff it a bit and make sure to use a good Epoxy primer. I am debating on paint my chrome bumpers. Regardless of how well they are painted they will chip. The factory ones do. I really wanted to paint mine but it sure has been nice driving and not be worried about chips. If you paint then your best bet is to have paint protection film applied. The cost starts to add up quickly. Eventually the painted bumpers if you drive a lot and do not protect them start to look bad. My 13 Ram looked terrible when I traded it.
  3. You're welcome. I just happen to be searching through this forum. Saw this thread then was on the Chevy tech site and saw this. figured id help you guys out. Its a shame they keep this stuff secret though. Should be readily a bailable to the owners. Instead they keep it secret on their internal tech site.
  4. If you try to buy only an SD card you'll get no where. Once the tech is able to have support authorize the updated calibration files they have to refresh your cluster and radio module. Then the nav will function as if it were shipped with it. If you buy an aftermarket nav Kir from one of the normal people it will not be the same. The radio modules are now all in one and contain the sat radio and Onstar and wifi where the old ones were just change the HMI and have nav. Also if you replace just the radio module the cluster won't work as it would if you buy the nav upgrade kit. The official nav kit comes with SD card and the authorization code. You'll have to pay .5 or 1.0 to have the programming done depends not he relationship your dealer has with you.

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