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  1. My 8 speed is good. Ive had a couple shudders from reverse to drive. I can imagine the 10 speed is incredible. My Daughter has it in her car and its amazing transmission. It just seems to keep you in the right gear in the right time to keep it feeling like its always pulling. I do WISH they would have done as Ford and just made 10 speed standard across the board. I dont know why they didn't. I do really enjoy my 19 a lot. Has been a very solid and reliable and comfortable truck. It just seems GM makes too many accounting decisions. I know they have to be make money but when your main competitor is doing something with transmission GM helped design and you know you 8 speed is not always been a good performer you would work on giving a little extra to help keep market share. When you are comparing RAM, GM and Ford you start to look at things like Drive train especially when guy like myself are buying a LT and not a high country. The high end trucks are looking at gadgets and gizmos and extra cameras but we really are looking at functionality. I am a first time GM truck owner and so far so good. I will drive this truck and see how it goes after my RAM debacle I am happy to be in a truck I can drive and enjoy and not worry every time I turn it on what is next. I hope in the coming years chevy builds on this style and makes them even better.
  2. I’m sorry, I did get rid of my ram for issues but those that don’t think the RAM interior on the 19 is incredible are insane. That is the nicest interior in a truck ever. The console is just great. It has tons of useful space. Has incredible phone holder in the front near the charging ports and has wireless charging. The seats are comfortable. The rear seats recline and have heated and cooled. They did an incredible job. Has usb c and a charging ports. 4 in front combined and 4 in rear combined as well it has a great single usb in the center console under the lid section. I do hope gm brings a new interior because that is the only thing I see that needs to be addressed. Ram forced ford into a refresh sooner than they wanted. Gm is losing ground quickly in trucks. Nothing makes them more money than trucks so you better believe they are on notice.
  3. There is no harness. Its coax cable. Single cable to all cameras on the 19. You will need the image module as well. The new Trucks are high resolution and the old twisted pair wires are not really ideal in a truck when trying to get high quality video. The power is also through the coax. There is no aftermarket switcher available either. So the ability to add a camera s we did in the prior models is limited. The screen also has a different style LVDS cable going to it so the aftermarket is gpoing to have to spend time in R&D coming up with new parts. I am sure they will since its now in mot all Chevys. RAM went this direction also. They run the cameras into a module the module determines what to display on the screen. So if trying OEM it will require programming and chevy does not have an easy way of doing this.
  4. I have the 5.3 and when I drive it I say man I cant imagine how fast the 6.2 is because the 5.3 is incredible . Has nice low end torque available early and seems to always be there when you need it. Has great acceleration. The only update I would like is to get the 10 speed with it because the 8 has its issues. I couldn't imagine how great it would be with the 10 speed. I see nothing wrong with the 5.3 itself. The fuel economy is fantastic. My 19 RAM limited had the 5.7 no torque and it was a dog and only got 12MPG. I think the push rod v8 chevy has is really something amazing.
  5. Thank you for clearing it up. I don't ever want to say someone is wrong unless I confirm so I laid out a possible case for 809 and was going to see so I am glad you cleared that up.
  6. I’ll double check but I believe 805.1 is the newest update as of now. They could have cancelled 805.1 and sent out 809 it happens at times. They will push an update find out an issue and pull it fix it and send it back out with new version number. so since some never saw the 805.1 update this could be why. There were several that were notified of an update and then many of us never got that. I never did in Dallas I wound up downloading the update through my mdi 2. I’ll look into it and see if I can find anything solid
  7. . You post about an update. You give INCORRECT information. I replied because there was BAD info in that comment, then you replied with the second post of I dont care about rev version. I left that alone because I thought maybe you were not understanding the intent. Then I reply to your third post where you say you do apparently care about rev version because you went to the trouble of bothering your dealer. Again you have bad info that I was trying to correct. Then you reply again to nothing relevant in my post by saying you again dont care about Rev version. which is it? If you do not care then stop posting and stop feeding false info. If I see bad Info that I know I can correct I will. No where did I state YOU MUST update or why YOU in particular need to I was correcting your bad info. Just because yours isnt broke to you doesn't mean others aren't to them. Many are having issues these updates attempt to fix. Chevy is not trying to be apple, trying to give us new improvements with new revisions they have a press conference about.
  8. They honestly are full of BS. I really do know a lot about this stuff. I added the nav myself. I did the programming myself. The hardware is all the same. The software is all the same. What changes is the calibrations of the other units. For example we have the capability to add fog lights if we didn't have them. That requires they BCM to have a calibration added to the trucks list showing it now has the fog lights. GM adds the registration number to the nav upgrade kit same as fog light. The new systems are different than the old units where they had an HMI and radio unit. they are combined. When you add nav it is so complete it also update sinister to allow you to add the connected nav feature to have the traffic info. Its hard to really explain but the units calibration is really just HEX values wither turning things on or off. Thats all. I have a lot of experience digging DEEP into these systems and deal with them daily. In terms of software it is the same software version all it does is turn on the nav or not. The new units have the SD card that has all the map information on it so they can ship one hardware unit in ll the trucks and it just have the calibration correct for the truck its in nav or not. When the unit is installed it polls the truck to determine what settings should populate. Manufacturers are making this simpler not more complicated to eliminate so many software packages to worry about. The CTS in 18 was the first to get the new infotainment system. Infotainment made a video that they were able to turn the nav on install the SD card and it had nav. Now the new system in the chevy is the same, except once harmon saw that they added a security seed to prevent that from being able to be done as easily as they did. Long story short the update for the non nav is the same as the NAV. I have used the same update on multiple trucks because I downloaded it manually since it hadn't pushed out to me yet. Im impatient and want the update asap because I have issues with my climate showing off more times than not. Dealers are the worst source for information on these things for the simple fact they do not specialize in this and do not want to. The main reason for OTA updates is to curtail the need for dealer visits for them. GM has the IOS which is our 8" with out nav. If you have HD radio you have an IOS and thats basically the IOT minus nav being turned on. That is the whole reason we can add the nav because they are the exact same.
  9. Your best bet if you don't see the update is to uninstall the app and then go into the store and reinstall it. It should show the newest one available for download.
  10. The update is the same if you added nav or not. MOST likely the person that did the programming for you DID not do the USB file transfer after adding nav. I did that after I added my nav and then the next update showed up fine. Best bet is to go to the dealer and let them do the usb file transfer to update it to get you up to the current version. The latest is available to download. I had downloaded it prior to the OTA I was just waiting fo rate OTA to do its thing. Once you add nav the truck is register as having nav in every way that GM says it. So its not an issue of they don't know or are not sending the correct updates out.
  11. That is because they get the 360L package capability with the new trucks. Not sure if that is something we will see on ours but that is why they have it. I had the Sirius 360L on my 19 RAM. It was the first to have it. Its pretty cool because it would allow you to stream content. Worked the same as the app does on the phone essentially. Also was cool when entering garages the Sirius signal would go away and it would go to internet steaming. Also those that have not had the update pushed or are on a really old version you can go to the dealer and they will perform the update for you, it just takes a while because stye have to load it onto a USB drive. I did the last update that way. There are typically two updates. One for onstar and one for the a11 Radio unit.
  12. Every forum has those that defend their truck. SO many defend blatant issues. Its really disgusting. E everything today is like a team spot. WE pick our team and we defend everything they do. Politics, companies, people around us, family. Despite what they do we take up for them and make excuses and deflect.. I throw up going to the RAM forum being people defend those trucks. I have to be so careful not to start a war. They attack anyone that comes on there to speak their displeasure. We are not buying 7-10 thousand $ vehicles anymore. My first car I bought was a 1996 ranger. BRAND NEW $9500. Ranger today 30-50 k We should not be required tp absurd growing pains from new models at the prices vehicles are today. We all need to start demanding more from these companies.
  13. I feel your pain with GM. I had a 19 RAM Limited 68 grand. Bought it when there were no incentives as I planned to keep it like I kept my 13. SO MANY problems. No one cares. Once they have you on it they dont care. Financed they dont care because you aren't gonigto ruin your credit to drop it off on them. Paid car well you aren't going to take a loss and drop it off. My truck was in the shop over a month. Had to take it right back after that to get the original problem fixed plus some now they caused trying to fix the issue. We have no rights anymore. Trying to lemon law in Texas is tough. The dealers and manufacturers are so powerful. I had to jump into an LT Chevy just to get out without being in a crazy bad situation. Im not happy because the truckI have now is no where near the level the trucks I had before in terms of features BUT I haven't had any issues whatsoever. Im sure the next moment will be I Leon lawed my truck and no problem. For every one there are HUNDREDS that are given the middle finger. Its not just GM its all of them. The dealers are all in charge they have very little in terms of fear hanging over them from corporate. The only possible power you have as a consumer are the survey but those are starting to lose their power also. RAM just screwed every previous gen eco diesel owner. with an update that makes the truck a joke to drive. I really just am to the point that Im actually better off with a lower end truck seems I have less issues. I still have some things that most all of us have in the truck. Sometimes weird A8 issues, climate shows off on screen but still works. radio blanks out. They just dont really test these trucks anymore. They cant because if they did even a little bit in the real world these problems would be obvious immediately. They just choose to ignore them. I hate to pick on RAM again but there are guys over there that got an update forced over the air and it made the sound quality terrible and the promised fix has yet to show its head. I think of the people that buy a new truck even like us the 19 1500 High country has no adaptive cruise but the 2020 will. How messed up is that? Same with people that had the GT350. They didn't put coolers on the Tech pack and base GT350 so if they tracked those they overheated. The 15- current Corvette z06 over heats on the track after 20 mins of pushing it. Yet its a track focused car. The 2011 Ford Fiesta and Focus had transmission issues that were and epidemic. I mean BAD! Ford knew it. It was all over the place about how terrible they were. Not one recall or real fix there are people still fighting that fight. I could go on forever. We have little power because so many people just defend the brand and say well mine has been perfect so you must have done something wrong. They refuse to admit there could be issues. Nothing will change until we force it to. Only way that happens is to refuse to buy another truck until they fix the issues we know should be fixed. We will never be that together though. So the wheel goes round and round.
  14. I had this happen to me. We had sports this weekend and it started raining heavily. So we went to the truck.> We had to start it because it was shot and humid. Ran for 15 mins or so and turned off. Thought I ran out of gas. They did this because of some people that have pulled their cars in the garage and forgot to turn it off and died or got sick from Carbon Monoxide. Just seems people can't take accountability for their own stupidity and looking to blame anyone that they can. So Manufacturers are doing this now. Ford has done it as well in their push to start vehicles. I think GM sets theirs much shorter though time period than others.
  15. I can relate to the lust of the new RAM. I owned a 13 RAM after MANY years of loyal Ford ownership. I never owned a Chevy because they never appealed to me. I LOVED my 13 Ram Laramie Longhorn. Honestly wish I hadn't gotten rid of it now. I did though and gave into my idiocy and got a 19 Limited RAM. Had everything you could get. LOVED IT. I was SO happy. When I bought My 13 it wasn't everything I wanted but it was what I could get at the time. This time NO compromise. So we jumped into the new RAM to head to Houston for the weekend and it was in July in Texas so it was HOT> First thing was the AC just didn't cool off. I tried to say it was the new Pano roof or I hadn't tinted it yet. Just never cooled off that whole trip. Then it started to clunk in turns. Then it had many electrical gremlins. I won't go into all the specifics but I had so many issues. I finally took it to the dealer and didn't have it a month. They were good to work with and I got it back and thought maybe the module updates and things they had done would finally take care of everything and I could begin to enjoy my new truck. Wrong, had so many more issues. I was REALLY sad. Nothing worse than paying for a truck that you just do not enjoy. I finally traded it in for my 19 Silverado. I really just want a truck I can drive without issue. Thats all. I only went Silverado because I will never own another Ford. I actually like the new chevy design to be honest. Interior is sparse but that's ok. I can drive it and not worry about the kids eating in it. I didn't get my no compromise truck because I wasn't sure Id like the chevy and didn't want to be real deep into another truck. I have to say though I love my chevy. Could there be improvements, absolutely. I haven't had an issue. Gas mileage is fantastic and its comfortable it has LED headlights that are great for night driving. The 19s Chevy/GMC trucks are really good trucks.
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