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  1. I can relate to the lust of the new RAM. I owned a 13 RAM after MANY years of loyal Ford ownership. I never owned a Chevy because they never appealed to me. I LOVED my 13 Ram Laramie Longhorn. Honestly wish I hadn't gotten rid of it now. I did though and gave into my idiocy and got a 19 Limited RAM. Had everything you could get. LOVED IT. I was SO happy. When I bought My 13 it wasn't everything I wanted but it was what I could get at the time. This time NO compromise. So we jumped into the new RAM to head to Houston for the weekend and it was in July in Texas so it was HOT> First thing was the AC just didn't cool off. I tried to say it was the new Pano roof or I hadn't tinted it yet. Just never cooled off that whole trip. Then it started to clunk in turns. Then it had many electrical gremlins. I won't go into all the specifics but I had so many issues. I finally took it to the dealer and didn't have it a month. They were good to work with and I got it back and thought maybe the module updates and things they had done would finally take care of everything and I could begin to enjoy my new truck. Wrong, had so many more issues. I was REALLY sad. Nothing worse than paying for a truck that you just do not enjoy. I finally traded it in for my 19 Silverado. I really just want a truck I can drive without issue. Thats all. I only went Silverado because I will never own another Ford. I actually like the new chevy design to be honest. Interior is sparse but that's ok. I can drive it and not worry about the kids eating in it. I didn't get my no compromise truck because I wasn't sure Id like the chevy and didn't want to be real deep into another truck. I have to say though I love my chevy. Could there be improvements, absolutely. I haven't had an issue. Gas mileage is fantastic and its comfortable it has LED headlights that are great for night driving. The 19s Chevy/GMC trucks are really good trucks.
  2. So they want yo to drive in the summer months in your 'New" truck without Air Conditioning? I wonder if they would do that. Sorry to hear. Unfortunately the bad dealers reflect on GM as a whole. Manufacturers all need to be more focused on their dealers service departments quality. Problem is they always take the dealers side. If you call any of them they always say they have to stand with the dealers decision.
  3. I had a 2013 Ram Laramie Longhorn traded to a 19 Limited and got out of the POS as soon as I could make a deal too. I landed on GM out of necessity. They had the most incentives and discounts to help me get out of my 67k F up. I drove my 13 for 100k trouble free miles. LOVED that truck. Got my 19 and drove it out of town first weekend and it make a clanking noise the whole way there. One thing after another. I got an LT crew cab 2WD to get familiar with the GM world. Something lesss expensive just incase I had to flip out of it also. Only thing I am thinking of trading my Truck for is a high country or 4wd GM. I was a RAM loyalist because they EARNED it. They lost it with the 19 in short order. One from the lack of communication their dealers have with existing issues and problems and two their inability to solve problems that are common quickly. They were selling trucks at the first of the run with grommets not installed and they were allowing water in and causing wet carpet and mold issues. They were still selling trucks with the SAME grommets not installed in trucks with a OCT build date. How does that happen. I can understand a month of trucks or MAYBE two but a years worth of runs? Ram is out for me. I would say buy a GMC or chevy whichever you like most and enjoy it. The engines are much better with fuel economy than any of the RAM and they are less problematic. I was on the RAM forum yesterday since I was a member with my 19 and 13 and there is a guy that just bought a limited with mold all inside of it. You couldn't give me a ram these days. Terrible electronics and terrible app terrible support because they use Sirius Guardian and anyone that has tried too deal with virus knows you'd rather jump into a vat of boiling oil.
  4. They are allowed to mark the interest up a maximum of 2% . If you balk at the payment or you say you can get a better rate they have that 2% to help them get it done. They get a bonus for each loan they get bought and they also get the money from every thing above the agreed upon loan purchase price. Thats why volume dealers may lose money pin the front end they rely on finance to make the money on the back end through warranty and financing through their banks. The rebates also help to get people to finance through the dealer versus their own bank because the rebates are lost if not financed with GM Financial. Dealers make so much money its insane. they get bonuses form GM bases on selling a certain amount of vehicles each month. They get bonuses from banks for loans. I saw a dealer in Dallas get $400k for a quarter because they met the projections. Thats why it really is best to shop at volume dealers if all you care about is price. They give them away at a loss sometimes because the money is coming regardless. Plus they have service department printing money. Its amazing how many chevy dealers are in the Dallas area and how many of them are moving units.
  5. I bought a 2019 RAM Limited in July 18 and thought I was set for the next 10 years. The 19 was a POS. I had to get out of it. I went GM just because there were so many rebates and incentives. I bought an LT so I wouldn't be so deep into the truck in case I just didn't like it. I had never owned a GM Truck. It is a nice truck. I have had couple issues like the climate saying off when it is not. I have had the infotainment randomly reboot. Bluetooth issues with having to pair the phone again after a while. Those are things that will get ironed out with updates. I got one already and it helped a lot. One thing I love about my 5.3 is the fuel economy. It KILLS the RAM. I also think the app for locks and remote start are fantastic. They work super fast and reliably. The RAM app is useless. Plus the RAM does not have LTE wifi. A lot of things I just didn't understand what they were thinking with the RAM. The preached all of this technology and it didn't even have the ability to see fuel level and tire pressure with the 12.1 inch screen. I will drive my LT for a couple years and see what the future of these trucks brings. I wanted adaptive cruise badly. Glad to see that is there for 2020. Ill see where I am at and most likely will stick with GM and get a high country. As of right now with how it is going that is my plan.
  6. Nav Upgrade

    Dealer is clueless. It literally takes 10 mins after talking to tis web to give them the authorization code. Once they have that they add the new calibration to your cluster and the A11 radio unit. Then all the dealer has to do at that point is hook up the MDI 2 an go to SPS an load the new calibrations to the cluster and A11. They MAY have to do a USB File transfer for the a11. Depends on if you already got the OTA update or not. The longest part is them getting them to add the calibration over the phone. I added the nav instructions for you guys to print out and take to the dealer so they have them and dont have to scratch their heads wondering what to do. Silverado Navigation.pdf
  7. There are two options for fog lights/ With or without task lighting. You have to order correct kit for you RPO. Fog Lights Silverado.pdf
  8. Looking forward to your progress. This is something I want to do badly. Want to add the wireless charging as well. Thanks for tackling this.
  9. If you are in Dallas I can help you add the Factory nav for less than that. I added it to my 19 Silverado and it works great. Also speed limit shows in the cluster now. You can buy the SD card online daily cheap. I found mine on ebay for 99$ and they included the activation code required to add the calibration to your truck. I have the MDI 2 so I upgraded the calibrations myself. took just a few mins.
  10. I bought a 19 RAM Limited in July. I owned a 13 RAM since new and loved it. My 19 was nota good truck. Loved the features but once you get passed those its just not a good truck. Leaks and electrical issues noises and clunks. I bough an LT 19 Silverado and love it. the 5.3 to me drives way better than the 5.7 Hemi and I get 17-20 MPG in my Silverado without effort. My ram would be great to see 11-13MPG. I had the 36 gallon tank in the RAM and I was glad for that but Have not felt the need for a larger tank in my Silverado because of the better fuel milage. I was glad to get our of m Ram and I only got a Silverado because it seemed like they were giving them away. Lots of incentives and I actually really love the Silverado. I have really been enjoying it a lot. I added the OEM accessory navigation to it. Works great. I don't really get into what's better because all brands have issues. I had a 13 no issues. I had a 19 and nothing but issues. I will keep this Silverado for a few years and see whats out there then. For now I am enjoying the truck and my family is also. They say I am not so up tight about them being in this truck because its not a fancy. Cloth seats not leather. The chevy app works night and day better than the RAM app. It would never work or be so slow it was useless. The chevy app once I hit start its started. Really nice plus the ram did not have LTE wifi it had 4g. The chevy LTE wifi is great. RAM may overtake GM in the number 2 spot short term but I can't see it being long term a lot of unhappy RAM owners right now with all the issues
  11. 45 days to keep rebates and incentives
  12. You can go to the dealer and they can do it through file transfer. There are updates to the calibration files as well for the Radio.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-SILVERADO-SIERRA-CONSOLE-JUMP-SEAT-JUMPSEAT-TAKE-OUT-BLACK-CLOTH/173811608378?hash=item2877faab3a:g:RwIAAOSwroJcc~h6
  14. Chrome can be painted reliably. You have to scuff it a bit and make sure to use a good Epoxy primer. I am debating on paint my chrome bumpers. Regardless of how well they are painted they will chip. The factory ones do. I really wanted to paint mine but it sure has been nice driving and not be worried about chips. If you paint then your best bet is to have paint protection film applied. The cost starts to add up quickly. Eventually the painted bumpers if you drive a lot and do not protect them start to look bad. My 13 Ram looked terrible when I traded it.

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