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  1. Had a TPW of 4/1. Checked on the status today and it apparently has shipped and they gave me an ETA of 4/15 for the date it should be at the dealership. I hope so, getting anxious and excited.
  2. I do have an order number. The exact response I get almost every time from GM is, "Your order has been accepted into the system, but there is no TPW yet". So I'm guessing it is in their queue, but just no movement. I'll definitely ask about the event number next time.
  3. Does anyone know how often they update their order tracking system? Hourly, daily, weekly? I'm having the worst factory ordering experience. Placed order for a GMC AT4 on 1/7/19 and still don't have a TPW. I use the chat feature on GMC's website and contact my dealership regularly only to get the same answer, "there is no new movement and there is no TPW yet". Do y'all suggest switching dealers or just hang tight?
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