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  1. I have 11k miles on my 19 Sierra AT4 and it sounds like the cheater is hitting the rotor. Doesn't matter if cold or hot. I have it in the shop now for it. I talked to a buddy with the same truck and he is also having the same issue with 10k miles on his.
  2. I went with the 1.75 with the UCA's. I didn't do the rear blocks. $700 installed and aligned by my local shop. Happy so far!
  3. I went from 275/65/18 to 275/60/20, so that might have caused the more sensitivity to the ride. It seemed to quiet down since I have had it a week. I again have no complaints and love the new look! I do think I should have gone with 285/65/20's. I think they would have fit, but just rushed everything.
  4. Time to hit the pause button on mods to my AT4. My local truck shop just got the Readylift 1.75" level kit in and put it on for me yesterday. I am not going to lie, the ride is definitely stiffer than stock. You can feel more of the road or maybe it just has to break in. I am not complaining though, because I love the new stance and look of my truck now. I hated the rake. Also upgraded my old 18" Assaults to 20" Assaults and 275/60/20 Ridge Grapplers. All and all I am now satisfied with my Sierra...for now.
  5. @ Luis. I just reduced this sale to $1000. Here is a pic of them on my truck.
  6. I would imagine. I am in Austin, so let me know. I will see if I can send you a direct message.
  7. I am selling a set of four Fuel Assault Wheels and Goodyear Duratrac Tires off a 2019 GMC Sierra. The wheels are 18x9 and the tires are 275/65/18. The tires have 9500 miles and have been rotated every 3k miles. This is for a local sale only. I will NOT ship. I am asking $1000 for wheels and tires. This package will run you over $2500 new at Discount Tire. I am in the Austin area and can meet at a Discount Tire if you would like. All the wheels and tires are in perfect shape.  
  8. @Tumtum - Yeah, not sure why the shop will take longer than me ordering direct, but oh well. I have used these guys for my past 4 trucks so. I am a cheap bastard so going to leave the stock Duratracs on for a year or two and then pony up on some 20's and the Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I wanted the 35x12.5, but know you till need to trim and I am not going to do that. I will be fine with the 11.5. Please post pics when you get it on!! Good luck!!
  9. I am waiting on this too. I called my local shop and he said that he won't get the kit till Mid Sept. This level kit is taking forever to get it.
  10. Can you post more pics of your truck? I am thinking about doing the same thing and keeping the stock tires till they wear out.
  11. I am looking for some pics of anyone's AT4/TB that has installed a level kit and kept their stock 18" tires (Goodyear Duratracs). I am going to get the Readylift Level kit installed when it comes out in 3 weeks and wondering if I can deal with the wheel well gap till these tires wear out. If I have to pony up, I am trying to decide between the 35/12.5/20's or go with the 35/11.5/20 to avoid having to trim. Let me know. Thanks!! Here is my truck now without the level.
  12. Anybody see this new video of the new ReadyLift level kit for the AT4/TB?? I can’t tell if they are saying you will or won’t have issues with the CV Boot or Axle? I guess if it clears great? No issues? Let me know your thoughts? 99% sure I am going to get just the level installed.
  13. Looks like Readylift's AT4/TB Level kit is getting close to hitting the market. I was told mid July. Thought I would share.
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