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  1. There is a separate connector in the junction box (behind the rear bumper) specially for the 3rd brake light.
  2. I bought the dorman kit for my 01 Tahoe https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-2000-2002-Chevrolet-Tahoe-Brake-Hydraulic-Line-Kit-Dorman-94434ZQ-2001/392125954678?fits=Year%3A2001|Model%3ATahoe&epid=11023806920&hash=item5b4c873a76:g:-D0AAOSwqo5dPVl- Fit perfectly. But i often used those copper lines on several other cars (whenever only one line was rotten, or i needed quick replacement). You can bend them pretty easily, but i would prefer the pre-bend ones whenever i can.
  3. Are faultcodes reading "voltage to low" or "voltage to high"? Could be an issue that the voltage goes to high from time to time, so all the ecus are starting to switch off.
  4. I do government vehicle inspections, and i noticed that almost every car, stock or modified, is out of the right headlight adjustment. So you should not only check the adjustment when lifting your truck. Check it at least once a year (usually at an oilchange), because it gets out of level from vibrations, wear and changing bulbs. I can do mine at work and always do it with something like this (don`t know the english word) https://shop.autotechnik.ch/shopimages/super/W-600104.jpg Without something like this, you can also do it like this: Park your car an a flat surface in front of a wall. Distance between wall and the car should be 10m (32.8ft). Then, look at your headlights, somewhere should be a percentage. Usually, US-Cars have 1.0%, EU-Cars have 1.5%. That Means that the light lowers 1% per meter(3.2ft). So if the point where the bulb is is 1m over the ground, the light should be lowered by 10cm over 10m. Here is a picture of course, i don`t know the DOT Regulations in the US, but we in switzerland accept the US/SAE Headlights, so they shouldn`t differ that much beside the measuring units. 1AAuto made a video about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWvSWBlAwnI
  5. It all sounds like a voltage issue. "Battery good and alternator good"? How were they tested?
  6. Hi, I`m thinking about buying some aftermarket taillights for my 2014 silverado. But as we have cold winters and a very rainy autmn and spring, I want some taillights that won`t turn into an aquarium after 1 week. I`ve read some bad reviews about the cheaper taillights. And because I live in switzerland, it would be very expensive to ship the tails back to the US for warranty if they break. I like a more "OEM" look, just with LED. How about some Red Morimoto XB Taillights? They`re very expensive, but are they also well built? http://www.morimotohid.com/14-18-chevrolet-silverado.html Greetings
  7. Will it work without reprogramming ECUs in the vehicle? Will there be a possibility to fit the HD backup camera on the truck? Will it work with the bose System? Steering wheel controls will work to? I know that it`s still under work, but maybe you already can say something about. And please make shipping to switzerland available Highly interested!
  8. Well the only flaw this vehicle has, it`s to big for _every_ parking space. But that way, it will be easy for me to find it in crowded parking lots :D. And another advantage is that I save a lot of vehicle taxes, because this isn`t considered a personal vehicle (which is taxed by engine size) but a commercial vehicle (which is taxed by GVWR)
  9. To bring this to an end, it`s done. After some struggles with our "DMV", he's finally road-legal. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Maybe someone can post a picture of the quality of a 2019 backup camera, or any other newer GM vehicle. Maybe you can make these fit, because as far as i looked, the camera works just with a 4-pin connection like any other backup camera.
  11. Ok, so today I had the first try for the state inspection. As expected, I failed. But all the defects or "problems" the inspector stated were minor (like shutting down the turn signal in the mirrors, or some paperwork issues). Only one problem is a little more difficult. The inspector said that there is axial play on the rear axle. That of course is normal, but they aren't very used to US-Trucks with a rigid rear axle, so he said that the rear axle is faulty. Can anyone send me a pdf file with the information from GM how much play is acceptable? Like a screenshot from the Service Manual oder something like this.
  12. Depends on the fluid. Maybe the Hydroboost broke because the Master Cylinder was leaking Brake fluid in it (which is pretty agressive) or the hydroboost was leaking which could lead to damaging the master cylinder. Depending on which parts really came in contact with which fluid, I would`ve changed both also.
  13. Thanks! This would make everything a lot easier. I just sent them a message to see if this will work the way it`s needed for making my truck road legal.
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