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  1. Hi I've read some horrorstories about the torque converter failing and filling the transmission with metal flakes. As I really don't want that to happen, I'm thinking about replacing the torque converter before it fails. My truck has currently around 115k miles. When I changed the transmission oil and filter at 100k, everything looked fine and I have currently no reason to think it will fail soon. 1. Is it really that common that the converter fails? 2. Should I go for an OEM Converter? Or any other brand? 3. Where can I get stuff like tightening torques, and technical information? I'm a mechanic, so replacing it shouldn't be a problem. It's a 2014 5.3
  2. I use E85 everytime when in France. 67ct/L E85 is a huge difference to 1.50€/L normal fuel
  3. When you already got factory LED tail lights, then the wiring harness is different. You need to look out for LED tails specifically for vehicles with Factory LED tail lights. Most (as far as I know all of them) aftermarket LED taillights are for cars with NO factory LEDs. It should be doable, but it`s not plug and play.
  4. Did you have factory LED Taillights? You need to plug them into the bulb housing and refit those into the taillights.
  5. So, I`m selling my M3 right now and looking to replace it with a Corvette C6. Anyone ever owned one and/or can tell my something about it? Anything special to look out for? Drivetrain configurations to avoid? How about prices for parts? I`m a mechanic and can do everything by myself, so the only thing that costs me something is how expensive parts are.
  6. Yeah, I talked to morimoto and they told me that this issue isn`t solveable and that I had to live with it. So not that great for a 500$ taillight.
  7. movario


    So right now, all borders with our neighbouring countries are closed. I wanted to visit relatives living in germany, but I am not allowed to leave the country anymore. All schools/universities are closed. Bars and Restaurants have a 50 person limit, but more and more cantons are shutting down these places completely. All Ski resorts are closed and all public places are closed. Normally, if you`re on sick leave, you need a doctors note after three days. The government has risen the limit to 5 days, to free up capacities in hospitals. Also, most of the companies are strongly enforcing that you stay at home if you`re not feeling well, to avoid shutting down entire parts of the company because of quarantine. They also "mobilized" parts of the military (only medical troops and civilan service). But all in all, no chaos or whatsoever. Everything is just a little more complicated and because there is nothing anymore to do, it`s a little boring. But finally, I`ve got the time to play some videogames, read a book and do some work on my cars.
  8. movario


    I`m pretty annoyed by the corona epidemic. I wanted to fly a few days to the US, and now, I can`t get in the country no more. Thankfully my insurance covers all of this, but still, I`d rather have traveled. And now they are closing all borders in europe and shutting down all public events and locations. Now I have some days off work and can spend them sitting at home and looking outside the windows. And all these people buying an endless amount of masks and sanitizer. JUST WASH YOUR HANDS AND SNEEZE/COUGH IN YOUR ELBOWS. Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and other healthpersonnel need them much more than you do.
  9. Still for sale. I`m going to New York in april, so I could take them with me, would save a lot on shipping.
  10. I recently towed this combination (around 3500kg / 7700 lbs) through our mountains, and haven`t had a problem at all. You "notice" that there is weight on your truck, but it`s not like it feels "underpowered". For shifting, I just used towing mode when driving on the highway, and when driving on steep hills, I shifted manually, and kept it in gears for a little longer.
  11. I think the difference could be the power of the compressor. Because as far as i know the tahoes and suburbans often have 2 evaporators
  12. The minor drawbacks of driving a full size truck in Europe
  13. Yes, they arrived about 2 days after they were sent out from the shippingcompany in hawthorne.
  14. Finally had the time to fit the LTZ LED Taillights to my 2014 Truck
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