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  1. I think the difference could be the power of the compressor. Because as far as i know the tahoes and suburbans often have 2 evaporators
  2. The minor drawbacks of driving a full size truck in Europe
  3. Yes, they arrived about 2 days after they were sent out from the shippingcompany in hawthorne.
  4. Finally had the time to fit the LTZ LED Taillights to my 2014 Truck
  5. I had a newer F-150 as a rental when I was in the states the last time. I wasn`t impressed with the 10-Gear Auto at all. Always had hard shifts, despite having only 30k miles on it. There are some good features I like, and the back up camera is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the one in the chevy. If I had to choose I would take the Ford over a Dodge. But all in all I like my chevy more. And beside that, I`m not really keen on driving a truck that has either a "Fordpflaume" (google it, it`s german and means Ford plum) or a goat as it`s logo. I prefer the bow-tie.
  6. Hi I sell some Morimoto XB LED Taillights for Silverado 1500 14-18. These: http://www.morimotohid.com/14-18-chevrolet-silverado.html I will deliver pictures as soon as I get back to my garage in a 2 weeks. It`s the Red Version (NOT SMOKED) I`m selling these because they work in a way which isn`t legal in switzerland, but they`re with SAE/DOT so they`re definitely legal in the US. As they`re almost new (only fitted a few hours), I`m thinking about 350$. Shipping is around 50$-60$. (Takes about 2-3weeks) When you have a relative or a friend living in an US-Base in Germany (Ramstein, Kaiserslautern...) I can also ship it to them because that will be much cheaper. They also come with the upgraded resistors from morimoto.
  7. @Frankielozano214 Thank you, so it`s definitely a problem with the morimotos. So i`ll look out for some LTZ LED taillights.
  8. So if I understand that correctly, they found out that the larger wheels are the reason for your issues? So that the "force" needed to turn those wheels is too much so that the system voltage drops and all the ecus switch off? You`re going to trade it in and leave it like this?
  9. Oh, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  10. And they`re working as intended? No complete switch-off after braking? Because I have this issue that the taillights completely switch off for a few seconds when changing from braking to normal taillight with my LED morimotos on my 2014.
  11. For the 1500s yes. But the RPO Code can say it definitely. XL6 and XL7 are 315Mhz and XL8 is 433 Mhz. (No guarantee)
  12. And pay attention. There are many Sensors in OEM Packaging that aren`t OEM. These are just cheap chinese fake ones, that don`t really work. Learned my lesson the hard way and had to change them two times. I bought real ACDelco on Rockauto. Just remember, the real OEM sensors cost about 120$ for 4. If you`re seeing 4 sensors for 40$, they`re probably fake.
  13. Somebody tried that one? https://www.adcmobile.com/product/hd-replacement-camera-for-2014-2015-sierra-silverado/
  14. Looks interesting. Especially the "upgraded rearview camera" would be a great feature. How did you solve the issue with the bluetooth microphone? Can you fit it "hidden" like the OEM one? Are you so far satisfied with the handling/response time in cold/hot temperature?
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