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  1. Well, then whats the point in having automatic climate control? I also had automatic climate control in my BMW and even in my old Opel. I almost never had to touch the temperature settings sometimes I haven´t touched them in weeks. I haven`t experienced this problem that much in summer, but now, that it`s cold, I constantly have to adjust the temperature. Like every 5 minutes or so. I can´t imagine that is how it`s supposed to work.
  2. Hi, I recently drove a longer distance with my 2014 silverado. (around 1000km). The problem is, I constantly need to adjust the temperature. I can`t just leave it on one temperature. I have everything on "Auto". When I set the temp to, for example 22°C, it constantly blows cold air, that I start to freeze, and when I set it to 23°C it constantly blows hot air. It is like you can either choose between waaay to hot or waaay to cold. Is there a failure, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. I sent Morimoto an E-Mail about the taillights. They will send me new resistors. Hopefully they will solve the issues with hyperflash and taillights shutting off.
  4. To bring this to an end, i ordered the Cooper Weather Master WSC that @newdude mentioned. My tireguy was able to get them at an even cheaper price. But still, there isn't that much to choose from, but i think they will do their job. And I don't mind a little derailment of a thread. It was still more or less on topic.
  5. As the winter is near, I need to install my winter tires. I´ve got them on 18" wheels. But I still need some Centercaps. When I was looking at the Chevy Parts Catalog, I saw that they seem to be around 35$ per piece!. I don't know why some cheap plastic can be that expensive, but well, it is. I've seen some obviously knock off centercaps on ebay for a much more reasonable price. Any experiences with them? Or another source for "reasonable priced" centercaps?
  6. Yeah, was when engine running. The Hyperflash would be solvable with adding another resistor. (Which shouldn't be necessary as it was advertised as "Plug and Play"...) But the lights switching off after breaking is the thing that bothers me most
  7. So i`ve ordered the morimoto Taillights. Now i`ve got two problems. First is that these taillights hyperflash when I use the turn signal. But when I add a normal lightbulb to the harness, they work again. So that has something to do with the resistors in the taillights. And the other issue is that when I brake and the stopsignal lights up, the taillights switch off for a second and turn back on. That is something that probably won't be roadlegal here. On the left is the stock taillight, on the right the morimoto https://youtu.be/9kNFVPAj4ug And that is the issue with the hyperflash: https://youtu.be/QLVt96eyaSc https://youtu.be/xi7siPJy5wQ
  8. Yeah I know, I don`t need to exactly match the load and speedrating. But it`s still only one winter tire in this size. But you mentioned the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S which is listed as an all-season-tire. Have you had any problems driving on ice and snow? BTW: I live about 15km from Engelberg ;). There is only one Silverado 2014 and newer in the whole region, and that is mine
  9. Yes i am. Only winter tire I can order in that size is a Michelin with spikes. Full-Size trucks aren`t very common here. And shipping from the US to switzerland doesn`t work in that case because 1. it`s extremely expensive to ship 4 tires and 2. The tires need to have EU Conformity. The cooper is a tire i can get over here too, but is listed as an all season tire. It`s important for me to have a good snow performance and on icy roads. So you`re saying no problems at all even with an all season? Big trucks aren't really common over here.
  10. Hi, i need winter tires for my 18" Wheels. The recommended size for my 2014 Silverado is 265/65R18 112T. Unfortunately, they`re almost impossible to get. The only choice would be off-roading tires, but as i`m not driving offroad, they will just be "too much". And because I live in the mountains, I`m not really keen on using allweather tires. So now I`m thinking about using 265/60R18 as winter tires, as there is a much bigger variety to choose from. And it would still be legal because it`s only 3.3% difference. Has anyone experience with this tire size?
  11. There is a separate connector in the junction box (behind the rear bumper) specially for the 3rd brake light.
  12. I bought the dorman kit for my 01 Tahoe https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-2000-2002-Chevrolet-Tahoe-Brake-Hydraulic-Line-Kit-Dorman-94434ZQ-2001/392125954678?fits=Year%3A2001|Model%3ATahoe&epid=11023806920&hash=item5b4c873a76:g:-D0AAOSwqo5dPVl- Fit perfectly. But i often used those copper lines on several other cars (whenever only one line was rotten, or i needed quick replacement). You can bend them pretty easily, but i would prefer the pre-bend ones whenever i can.
  13. Are faultcodes reading "voltage to low" or "voltage to high"? Could be an issue that the voltage goes to high from time to time, so all the ecus are starting to switch off.
  14. I do government vehicle inspections, and i noticed that almost every car, stock or modified, is out of the right headlight adjustment. So you should not only check the adjustment when lifting your truck. Check it at least once a year (usually at an oilchange), because it gets out of level from vibrations, wear and changing bulbs. I can do mine at work and always do it with something like this (don`t know the english word) https://shop.autotechnik.ch/shopimages/super/W-600104.jpg Without something like this, you can also do it like this: Park your car an a flat surface in front of a wall. Distance between wall and the car should be 10m (32.8ft). Then, look at your headlights, somewhere should be a percentage. Usually, US-Cars have 1.0%, EU-Cars have 1.5%. That Means that the light lowers 1% per meter(3.2ft). So if the point where the bulb is is 1m over the ground, the light should be lowered by 10cm over 10m. Here is a picture of course, i don`t know the DOT Regulations in the US, but we in switzerland accept the US/SAE Headlights, so they shouldn`t differ that much beside the measuring units. 1AAuto made a video about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWvSWBlAwnI
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