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  1. Maybe someone can post a picture of the quality of a 2019 backup camera, or any other newer GM vehicle. Maybe you can make these fit, because as far as i looked, the camera works just with a 4-pin connection like any other backup camera.
  2. Ok, so today I had the first try for the state inspection. As expected, I failed. But all the defects or "problems" the inspector stated were minor (like shutting down the turn signal in the mirrors, or some paperwork issues). Only one problem is a little more difficult. The inspector said that there is axial play on the rear axle. That of course is normal, but they aren't very used to US-Trucks with a rigid rear axle, so he said that the rear axle is faulty. Can anyone send me a pdf file with the information from GM how much play is acceptable? Like a screenshot from the Service Manual oder something like this.
  3. Depends on the fluid. Maybe the Hydroboost broke because the Master Cylinder was leaking Brake fluid in it (which is pretty agressive) or the hydroboost was leaking which could lead to damaging the master cylinder. Depending on which parts really came in contact with which fluid, I would`ve changed both also.
  4. Thanks! This would make everything a lot easier. I just sent them a message to see if this will work the way it`s needed for making my truck road legal.
  5. Hi, so in order to use my trailer hitch, I need a Euro-Trailer Connector (13-Pin). So that means I need to separate Turn Signal (Left/Right) and the Stop Signal. Otherwise, the Turnsignal (Yellow) and the Brakelight (Red) would light up together on the trailer. The first solution I came up with is taking two relais (To not mess up with the Can-Bus/Lightning System) and take the Signal from the Front Turn Signal Lights and bring the cables back. And another relais for the stop signal, and bring this cable back also. Anyone know a more "elegant" way to do this? There is this connection box in the end of the truck where the taillights and all this stuff are plugged in, can I get a separate Signal there? Or do I have to take them from the BCM in the front? EDIT: Ok, so I found that the junction Box under the Bed provides a separate Stop Signal. So I just need the separate Turnsignals.
  6. Hi, I just got my 2014 Silverado 5.3l and wanted to do a full fluid change. Engine Oil will be a 0w20 dexos 1 Gen 2. Transmission and Transfercase will be the Dexron VI. Brakes will get DOT3 But i am having a hard time to find the right oil for the axles. RPO Codes are GU6 and G80 Manual says: Front Axle 80W-90 Rear Axle 75W-85 My question is: How much oil do I need for the front/rear axle? I've got about 4l (4.2quarts) of RAVENOL Getriebeöl EPX SAE 80W-90 GL-5 Hypoid Mineral https://www.ravenol-shop.de/getriebeoel/80w-90/ravenol-epx-80w90 will this be suitable for the front axle? And for the rear axle, I could choose between these two oils https://www.ravenol-shop.de/pkw/schaltgetriebeol-achsoel/?p=1&o=2&n=15&f=703 One is with Limited Slip, the other without, which one do I need?
  7. I have got another question that may have already been answered. I have a complete stock 2014 5.3l with the z71 offroad package. Do I need the BILSTEIN 24186636 B8 5100 ( Rear; For Rear Lifted Height: 4" ) or do I need the BILSTEIN 33238319 B8 5100 ( Rear; For Rear Lifted Height: 0-1") As I don`t know if the z71 contains any lift or not.
  8. Well, the engineers also told the chains on the euro VAG 1.2tsi - 2.0 tsi were liftime. Or the ones on the BMW N47 Engines. Or the peugeot engines in the mini cooper. And many many more cases. The chains of the 1.4tsi sometimes only lasted for 20.000mls. And changing the chains on the N47 engine with the flywheel side mounted chain were an engine out job. And i don`t think this will be different on the chevy.
  9. Isn`t it possible to push out the dent from the inside? Or will the chrome break and make it even worse?
  10. I`ve driven I6 3.0l Diesel Engines for a looong time (e46 330d, e39 530d, e61 530d, e91 330d and f11 530d) Great engines, but from the moment they needed to be "clean" (EGR, DEF, Particulate filters), they lost a lot of their reliability. The M57 Diesel were great, but all the "N" Diesel from BMW were expensive to maintain. Sure, 6.0l / 100km (40 mpg) were great for a 300hp car. But all the money i`ve saved in fuel needed to be spend for repairing the car. And from my work experience, I know that most of the other manufacturers of "smaller" Diesel engines (VAG, Mercedes, Renault, PSA, Fiat) have the same problems. And I think that the GM Diesel will have the same issues (if they want the Truck to be 50-state-compatible)
  11. Has similarities to the Nissan Navara https://diepresse.com/home/motor/5166189/Wenn-der-Nissan-Navara-in-der-Mitte-auseinanderbricht But in this case, I go also for rear ended.
  12. No one an idea? Or does anyone have access to a wiring diagram? It`s a 2014 Silverado
  13. Hi I have the chrome honeycomb grill on my 14 Silverado. I like the chrome, but i think it`s a little "too much". I`m thinking about changing to a Z71 grill, but they`re expensive, even used. And they`re mostly damaged. My question is: Is it possible to just change the inserts of the grill? Like the chrome honeycomb for a z71 insert? So that when I buy a used one, I just have to look that the insert is in good condition? Or is it different? Any experciences blacking out the honeycomb with plastidip? Will it stay on the chrome? And is it removeable without any damage to the grill? (in case it gets bad, or i change my mind)
  14. Thats the reason behind it. A bad MPG just means that you`re emitting a lot of CO2. That, in fact is not directly harmful for us (in the end it is, because of climate change and so on) but it`s not toxic. While NOx, SO2, CO, PM10 and C6H6 are directly toxic for us. PM is Particulate Matter, and that is the main reason why you can't drive a newer 6.2 anymore. It has direct injection, but in europe most of the gasoline cars with direct injection are now required to have a particulate filter. If it has one, or is not direct injection, than you`re fine. But you would need to run all the european emissions testing which is a lot of cost. And I think GM doesn`t sell enough of these cars that it would be worth to run through all the emission testing. My mother recently bought a new Hyundai Kona, and she had to wait 4 months because hyundai had not done all the emissions testing. (As I said, all the manufacturers had problems with this) And this is just a 1.6l Turbo with a pretty good MPG.
  15. It's not that they explicitly banned camaros and corvettes or V8s. It's just that the 6.2l doesn't fulfill the needed emission standard for new vehicles. If you buy one that was registered in the US before 2019 and than ship it to europe you don't have a problem at all. It has something to do with the necessity of exhaust particulate filters for direct injection engines (Gas and diesel). Other, smaller cars from other manufacturers, were "banned" too. Even BMW, and of course Volkswagen had problems to get their cars certified for the new emission standard. For example, the new BMW M4 has a now a particulate filter and less Horsepower.
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