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  1. Camaro and Corvette banned in European Union

    Thats the reason behind it. A bad MPG just means that you`re emitting a lot of CO2. That, in fact is not directly harmful for us (in the end it is, because of climate change and so on) but it`s not toxic. While NOx, SO2, CO, PM10 and C6H6 are directly toxic for us. PM is Particulate Matter, and that is the main reason why you can't drive a newer 6.2 anymore. It has direct injection, but in europe most of the gasoline cars with direct injection are now required to have a particulate filter. If it has one, or is not direct injection, than you`re fine. But you would need to run all the european emissions testing which is a lot of cost. And I think GM doesn`t sell enough of these cars that it would be worth to run through all the emission testing. My mother recently bought a new Hyundai Kona, and she had to wait 4 months because hyundai had not done all the emissions testing. (As I said, all the manufacturers had problems with this) And this is just a 1.6l Turbo with a pretty good MPG.
  2. Camaro and Corvette banned in European Union

    It's not that they explicitly banned camaros and corvettes or V8s. It's just that the 6.2l doesn't fulfill the needed emission standard for new vehicles. If you buy one that was registered in the US before 2019 and than ship it to europe you don't have a problem at all. It has something to do with the necessity of exhaust particulate filters for direct injection engines (Gas and diesel). Other, smaller cars from other manufacturers, were "banned" too. Even BMW, and of course Volkswagen had problems to get their cars certified for the new emission standard. For example, the new BMW M4 has a now a particulate filter and less Horsepower.
  3. Next thing on my list is the trailer connector. As we have in europe a 13-pin-connector, I need to change it. Are the lights controlled by the CAN-Bus, or can I just splice the additional cables into the harness without getting lighting errors? The most difficult thing to do is getting a separated blinker signal. Because I will tow mostly european trailers, I need a separate signal for blinker, brake light and tail lights. Or is the lightning already separated on the truck, like on the 2001 Tahoe with it`s yellow turn signals? If not, I need to check wiring diagrams and get the signal directly from the indicator switch. Most important thing: Is the lightning CAN-Bus controlled, so that I`ll need a separate control device? Or can I just splice it into the wires?
  4. Any further information? I need a new sticker (that one on the B-pillar, with the GVWR). I asked ESCVIN.com and they told me that I need the vehicle build sheet. So I mailed at GM, but they just sent me a copy and paste version in a word document. ECSVIN then told me I need the original build sheet. Is it somewhere located in the truck? I can`t just go to the dealer as the truck is already stored in a container and on the way to europe. And we don`t have GM dealers that support US Vehicles in europe.
  5. To clarify that issue regarding the california emissions. The 2014 truck I bought (and originally sold) in TN is California Certified. And I looked at a lot of trucks allover the US, and requested the emissions tag, and I haven`t found one that wasn`t california certified.
  6. Well, I have a second car, so driving into the city won`t be a problem. You have to look out a little more, but I tow a trailer with my work car almost all day, which is much longer than the truck, and that works out aswell. With european cars, you have a much better fuel economy. But you always have to fight bad reliability and huge repaircosts. US-Car repairs and parts are cheap compared to european cars. At the moment, I drive a 2010 BMW F11 530d. The engine was already replaced which would have costed me 24000$ if the warranty hadn`t covered it. And for that money, I can burn a lot fuel. And you can`t really compare Switzerland to the rest of europe. Sure, we don`t have as much space as in Germany oder the US. But, for example, I can drive my truck as a commercial vehicle and will even save taxes compared to my BMW. And because it`s a gas engine, it`s not banned in the cities, like the diesel are nowadays. Also is the fuel, compared to the average income, cheaper than in most european countries. But overall, yes, there would be smarter and cheaper ways of transportation than driving a full size truck, and there will be moments where I will think that a smaller car would have been better. But on the other hand, I have the desire to drive a full size truck, and there is only one solution to that. Back to topic: I wrote GM and hope they`re able to give me an answer to that issue regarding the sticker.
  7. Nope, no GM dealers in switzerland. We have some chevrolet dealers, but they only sell the korean chevys or the corvette. So no support from them. Well, I have to work out a way for the updates. I still have some other cars, so leaving the truck for 2 months wouldn't be that much of an issue. But switzerland has some of Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series and GMC / Chevy drivers, so somehow, it must be doable :D, as none of these cars are sold officially in switzerland, so no support from the manufacturers. Also, we have some dealers here that have the original software from GM, so software updates shouldn't be a showstopper. But sure, you`re right, it won`t be as easy as it would be in the states.
  8. I already bought one, so that`s not an option anymore I asked my dealer about the sticker, and he said that there isn`t one. I can`t check by myself because the car is 5200mi away from me. I already wrote GM about getting a new sticker, any other information? Could someone with an 2014 5.3l V8 4x4 CrewCab Standard Bed send me a picture of this sticker? I know that the VIN is printed on it, so i need to get one by myself, but as the other data probably won`t change, I can already order the documents. EDIT: Or is at that sticker in the attachment? Because that`s the only one I have.
  9. Frame Coating

    On my 01 Tahoe, I uses a combination of "Owatrol Oil" and "Brantho Korrux 3in1". After 2 winters it still looked perfect. You don`t have to remove all the rust, you just have to scrape off all the loose rust. After the Owatrol Oil soaked into the rust, you can overpaint it with the Brantho. This paint is scratch and chip resistant, but doesn`t get like rubber, so hidden rust will not appear.
  10. Can anyone tell me where these stickers are located on a 2014 silverado?
  11. Have you always driven a truck?

    First Car was a BMW E36 318tds. Then, i bought an Opel Astra G Coupe with my "Army Money". After that, i bought and drove about 20 Cars, most of them were BMWs (M3, 530d, 635csi, and other) ( some of them I still have today). 2 Years ago I bought my first US Car, a Jeep Cherokee XJ. That got me into US Cars, as i noticed parts were cheap and these cars don't need that much "special tools" that german cars need. So I bought a 2001 Tahoe for almost no money and used it for towing. And today, as the politics in europe are getting more and more "green", and some countries even banned the sale of cars with combustion engines after 2030, i thought this will be the last time in my life i will be able to own a fullsize pickup truck in europe. Thats why i bought one, and will drive it as long as you're not going to jail or into bankruptcy for driving one.
  12. Hi, what is the SPS Programming for? So the VCX will be able to do all the things i´ve written? It`s also suitable ( with the same functions) for trucks 2014 and newer?
  13. I am also looking for a scan tool for my 2014 truck. Am thinking about spending max. 200$ Because I have a Hella/Gutmann Tool (about 5k) at work, i am pretty spoiled in regards of scanning tools. I also have original scan tools for older BMWs. Unfortunately, the Hella/Gutmann is only suitable for european manufacturers, so nothing for US Vehicles. So I am now looking for a scanning tool that has a lot of functions for all (or at least most) of the ECUs, like reading fault codes, reading live data and if possible is able to program stuff like TPMS or reset the adaption values of the ECUs. How about this one? : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014CT4M3K?pf_rd_p=2d1ab404-3b11-4c97-b3db-48081e145e35&pf_rd_r=4QPE6SB9K1QJPQ03EH0C Any other recommendations? I would prefer not to use a bluetooth OBD2 Connector with a smartphone app.
  14. I had a 3.0l Diesel in my BMW 530d too. Great engine, but relailability... I've got a little less than 100k miles on it, and there was alread been changed: - The engine itself - all 6 Injectors - Fuel Pump - EGR Valve - many small sensors All in all, if the warranty hadn't covered it, it had been a damage from around 25.000 $ Diesel Engines are much more common in europe, where even the smallest cars like smarts etc. have diesel engines. But nowdays, with much stricter emission regulations, they get unrelailable as hell. And cost a fortune to maintain. Diesel engines are great if kept simple, but tend to fail often if being too complex.
  15. Are there any factory tinted front windows, or is it always just a foil i can simply remove? Because tinted front windows are prohibited over here. Anything about Keystone 18" Wheels? Quality? Anything about BAK Industries TriFold Tonneau Covers?

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