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  1. Looks good! Get some rear fender liners. It will make the back end look lower in a strange way.
  2. Won't let me attach more pics 2020 LT boss 054 2020 LT 2wd lwb 050 2020 LT 2wd 053 Coil springs 2020 LT 4x4 84475061 2020 LT 2wd lwb 84475059 2020 LT boss 84475061 2020 LT 2wd 84475058
  3. I installed Monroe Reflex rear shocks on my truck. They are a monotube. I would put these in the middle of very soft factory 2wd shocks and Bilstein 5100's. Ride is more controlled but still have the softer ride on small and big stuff. Bilsteins were stiff on small bumps but good on big hits.
  4. Good looking truck. I had the same coilover and upper control arms on mine. I have a 2.7 though and it had the same issues. I attributed it to the spring rate being too heavy and sent it back. If you call them they will work with you. Yes that's correct. It's a tapered uniball that's designed like that on purpose.
  5. Well when other leaf spring manure carrying trucks are riding better with the same payload capacities people tend to think there may be something that was done wrong or perhaps they can fix it.
  6. No BS on this end. It does have turbo lag and it is absolutely designed for the lighter side of the truck crowd. Just stating that for what it's rated to tow it tows fine. In the video on the Ike test they said it's towing time was right up there with the "big dogs". They were very surprised with it's towing.
  7. Yes. A V8 1500 will almost tow twice what a 2.7 will. That wasn't my argument. Please re-read my post's. I never mentioned anything about more power.
  8. Seems like the video is backing up what I'm saying.
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