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  1. Good looking truck. I had the same coilover and upper control arms on mine. I have a 2.7 though and it had the same issues. I attributed it to the spring rate being too heavy and sent it back. If you call them they will work with you. Yes that's correct. It's a tapered uniball that's designed like that on purpose.
  2. Well when other leaf spring manure carrying trucks are riding better with the same payload capacities people tend to think there may be something that was done wrong or perhaps they can fix it.
  3. No BS on this end. It does have turbo lag and it is absolutely designed for the lighter side of the truck crowd. Just stating that for what it's rated to tow it tows fine. In the video on the Ike test they said it's towing time was right up there with the "big dogs". They were very surprised with it's towing.
  4. Yes. A V8 1500 will almost tow twice what a 2.7 will. That wasn't my argument. Please re-read my post's. I never mentioned anything about more power.
  5. Seems like the video is backing up what I'm saying.
  6. How is it already spinning high when in the example I gave its only around 1500 rpm? Are you getting the turbocharger and engine RPM mixed up?
  7. Both had 3.42 rear axle. The loaner had the smaller 18" wheels and tires while mine has the 20's. I guess technically mine would have the higher gearing with the bigger tires. Not questioning the 5.3 having a higher rated towing number. Just stating that for my usual towing the "lawn mower engine" struggled less than the 5.3. Nope. Just a trailer with load of about 2000lbs.
  8. Not the most scientific test but when I pull my trailer I set the cruise on the highway to 70mph. On overpasses and bridges my 2.7 with the trailer never downshifts going up. The 5.3 would downshift. Which would mean its downshifting to generate the torque it needs to maintain 70 mph and having to rev higher. Meanwhile the 2.7 is still in 8th gear purring at 1500 rpm at 70 mph.
  9. I don't think it's stupid for guys to want a better ride out of their trucks.
  10. According to some post of Facebook the 2018 rear shocks are the same length as the 2019's. So any Bilstein or Eibach for the 2018 should be good to go.
  11. My 2.7 pulls my trailer better than the loaner 5.3 I had.
  12. I had CST on mine. They are definitely stout. Best ones for for a daily driven vehicle would probably be the Icons with their delta joints. 3 inch coilovers?? Damn that would be pretty damn sweet. I don't know what you have in New Jersey terrain wise but the truck will eat it all up with those haha.
  13. I know nothing about audio. So with your experience would that be something to do?
  14. I have a 4 channel amp that I'm thinking of throwing in to all my door speakers. A couple shops around here say its a decent improvement that helps break up the higher volume distortion.
  15. People assume that a softer shock=a better ride. That's not necessarily true. You ever see an old Cadillac or old truck hit a dip in the road and bounce up and down a few times after the dip? That's a soft shock or blown shock. There is no dampening there to help control the movement of the suspension. That's why on big bumps or uneven bumps with these trucks the back end seems to step out. The stock shocks are so under damped that the spring is basically pogoing and makes the truck step out. With a quality shock it will not do that or it will be way less aggressive than before. I'm no suspension expert and I'm sure there are cases where the opposite of this is true but I can say with first hand experience that is the case with these trucks and shocks.
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