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  1. Eibach is the only affordable option they have. Just the rears are available but the fronts are rumored to be available soon. https://eibach.com/us/c-56-car-truck-suv.html
  2. I'm not sure. My personal truck just has the two different lines. I had a loaner that had the trailer profile package and a better screen and it had where you could zoom in on the hitch.
  3. Yes. You have to have a specific trailer or camera package to get the different camera view(s).
  4. I think ride quality is as subjective as looks sometimes. When people say "rides like a Cadillac" I imagine a very soft ride that absorbs bumps but will be very bouncy and handle terribly. When people say "rides like a sports car" I imagine a more firm ride that handles well and still absorbs bumps but you feel them more. I also think that some people don't fully know what they want, including me. I know that there is a certain section of road I hit everyday in my truck that makes the rear end step out a bit. When I put some old Bilsteins on my truck to try it did not step out on those bumps. My thought process is that the stock suspension and shocks are so soft that its just bouncing around on those bumps and there isn't much there dampening the travel. Where with the stiffer Bilstein there is much more dampening there controlling the travel of the suspension much better attributing to a smoother ride. My question is my logic correct? Should I want stiffer suspension in that scenario or softer?
  5. Put the shackles on mine on the 2" setting. I also experienced some vibration and spun the shims around.
  6. I had a 2014 Ram 1500 with the Hemi and 8-speed. I brought it to the track a lot and raced it, I drove it like an idiot, I towed with it, I lifted it and lowered it. It was a damn good truck for me. At about 30K miles the 3rd brake light leaked a little so I brought it in. At about 50k miles two exhaust manifold bolts snapped and the manifold warped causing it to tick at idle. I fixed that myself. That was my only two issues.
  7. I don't think one will tow better than the other. They will tow pretty similar. The only thing that will affect your towing here is the front end being level with the rear so when your truck squats from the weight of your camper the front end will be sky high. Your air bags should help with that issue though. When comparing lift vs lift however I would not put that Fabtech lift on. 3.5" is a lot of lift in the front of our trucks for just a spacer. Yes it has upper control arms designed for it so your upper ball joints will be ok but CV angle will probably be severe and it will probably ride like trash. The reason that BDS kit is more expensive is because the brackets that lower your differential so your axles don't grenade themselves as soon as you pull out the driveway. I don't know how high you'd like to go but there are other brands besides BDS. BDS is probably the top brand though. Here is a kit from a reputable manufacturer http://zoneoffroad.com/zone-offroad-products-6in-suspension-lift-kit-chevy-gmc-pickup/c41n
  8. Nice parts! I have some CST uniball upper control arms that I may end up selling that would go well with those shocks if you're interested.
  9. Two issues for me. About three weeks ago I had a check engine light. I brought it to the dealer and it was a knock sensor. It was cleared and did not come back. This past weekend I was driving and the check engine light came on along with a message on the screen saying engine power reduced. Felt under-powered and felt like it wanted to stall from a stop with slow acceleration. Brought it to the dealer and it was the cam position sensor. 3000 miles. Starting off great haha.
  10. All the shocks currently available as far as I know. I had the CST shocks. They make very nice stuff. Eibach shocks- https://eibach.com/us/c-56-car-truck-suv.html King shocks- http://www.kingshocks.com/products/oem/gm-oem/ Part Numbers at the bottom of the page. CST Suspension- https://cstsuspension.com/167-2019-gm-1500
  11. Pulled about 6,000 lbs this weekend with mine. Did really well. Engine didn't struggle at all.
  12. It's just making the throttle more sensitive. Works exactly like I expected. The truck "feels" quicker because it takes much less pedal travel to accelerate.
  13. I have the pedal commander for my 2019. It makes a big difference in the response. I would go with the cheaper one though.
  14. Anyone did their rear taillights and blinkers yet?
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