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  1. Aftermarket Shocks for AT4

    All the shocks currently available as far as I know. I had the CST shocks. They make very nice stuff. Eibach shocks- https://eibach.com/us/c-56-car-truck-suv.html King shocks- http://www.kingshocks.com/products/oem/gm-oem/ Part Numbers at the bottom of the page. CST Suspension- https://cstsuspension.com/167-2019-gm-1500
  2. Towing Pics

    Helped a buddy with his truck.
  3. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Pulled about 6,000 lbs this weekend with mine. Did really well. Engine didn't struggle at all.
  4. Pedal Commander

    It's just making the throttle more sensitive. Works exactly like I expected. The truck "feels" quicker because it takes much less pedal travel to accelerate.
  5. Pedal Commander

    I have the pedal commander for my 2019. It makes a big difference in the response. I would go with the cheaper one though.
  6. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    Anyone did their rear taillights and blinkers yet?
  7. I got the dealer to do them. I was going to do it myself but when I heard the dealer has to flash the truck and its an hour labor charge I just said screw it let them do it.
  8. Got summit white mirror caps, rear fender liners, black bow tie, and fog lights.
  9. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    I'm pretty pleased with mine. Towed my atv and small trailer the other day with a small atv in the bed and the fuel economy was respectable. The low rpm torque really shines when going up bridges and overpasses. It never downshifted. Stayed in 8th gear the whole time.
  10. Definitely no placebo for me. I've had that happen on different trucks though.
  11. No just a 2wd LT. These were the Ram shocks I had laying around.
  12. It's just crappy stock shocks. When I pulled the stock shocks off and pressed on them they moved so easily and came up pretty quick. The Bilsteins were much harder to push down and came up a tad slower.
  13. Possibly. I'm looking into King or CST myself.
  14. Well a couple issues there. Bilstein does not make any shocks for the 2019's yet. Neither does Fox. You have to spend big money on CST, King, or Icon right now for shocks. However I had a set of rear Bilstein shocks collecting dust in my garage. They are for a 2017 Ram 1500. I looked up the specs and the numbers are fairly close to the 2019 Chevy specs so I tossed them on. They are certainly stiffer on small chatter style bumps but on big bumps and dips they are much more stable. No bounce at all in the back while the stock shocks in the front have a lot of bounce. Definitely more of a sporty ride.

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