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  1. OEM 22" wheels with 285/55 Nitto's

  2. Amp research steps

  3. Amp research steps

    Should be sold... I'll know by Saturday. Thanks
  4. Amp research steps

    New price... $1,000. Great deal for basically new Amp steps.
  5. OEM 22" wheels with 285/55 Nitto's

    Bump... New price $1,900.
  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Last time I spoke with my service writer I told him about the vibration.. At the time I had oem 22" wheels with 285/55's. He said that they were probably causing it. So I put my stock wheels back on and took a video at around 75mph.
  7. Amp research steps

    Sent you a message.
  8. Amp research steps

    Outside of Tampa,FL.
  9. Amp research steps

    Only a couple months old.. they are the plug and play model with led’s. Coming off an 18 silverado crew cab. $1,000
  10. OEM 22" wheels with 285/55 Nitto's

    Price drop... $2k also have some Amp steps (auto, plug and play). for sale... only a couple months old. $1k firm
  11. OEM 22" wheels with 285/55 Nitto's

    I have no idea how much shipping would cost, so that's hard to say.. I live outside of Tampa, FL.
  12. This setup has maybe 5-6k miles on them. In perfect condition. Comes with TPMS sensors. Should be taking them off by the end of the week and I'll get some better pics. $1,900
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I definitely won't be doing ANY troubleshooting myself. I didn't buy a brand new truck to work on it and figure out what engineers should have figured out long before. I'm a mechanic for another brand and kinda have an idea how the warranty stuff works...Every dealer is different.. It's in their discretion. Thanks for the input.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Mine is back in the shop again.. Vibration, shudder while lightly accelerating and a clunk in the rear end.. The guys who are buying axles and driveshafts... You have to be out of warranty, right?

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