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  1. This really depends on what tire size you are wanting to run. i was running a 35x12.5x20 tire with a 6" lift and only rubbed at full lock.
  2. Almost any muffler would just weld into place. My muffler "fell off" and i didn't replace it. i only have the 5.3 but she sounds real nice.
  3. I'd gladly like to get them. can you reach out to me by email please? [email protected]
  4. WTB or WTT my middle bench seat for the console for the new 2019 model. Bench seat is black cloth. Email [email protected] thank you.
  5. Couldn't get the brake lights, as i am just one man, but here's the running and reverse lights.
  6. I'll snag some pictures once i'm off work. I just took those after i had the work done.
  7. Rear tail lights and 3rd brake light are blacked out. hope this helps.
  8. Rear taillights and 3rd brake light have been smoked black Front and rear emblems will be blacked out friday Someone stole my muffler... but welded in a nice piece of pipe (she sounds super mean) Really wanting to get rid of the bench seat in the front and get that center console RC 6" lift 35x12.5 Toyo's on 20" Fuel wheels
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