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  1. Got my level kit. High enough lift for me. Still wanna be able to fit places. Lol. Probably gonna get some beefier tires eventually.
  2. I was way too excited at the dealership and bought into nearly everything. After my cousin talked some sense into me, he pointed out that my $5000 warranty covered mostly what my full coverage insurance already covered. Luckily the warranty was full refund within 90 days. Now that refund is in the works, and I'll probably look into an outside company for my warranty. honestly, I have no problem fixing things like interior or paint damage; one time payment of like $300 or so, once in a great while (if at all), is better than $5000 up front "just in case".
  3. The sim card look? Yes, I agree they shouldve been done like the 2020; but the front end looking like a clown? Nah... I don't see it. I'm not a fan of the lights on the new Silverado--they look like they tried to copy the new Cherokee--all skinny, and Asian-looking. Paid more for the quality I got, and I'm seriously satisfied with the AT4.
  4. 6.2L AT4; Tech, towing, premium, and performance packages. I wanted the 18", but 20s will do for now.. I just don't like how small the tires look on large rims. To me--if you're going to make an all-terrain trim, use a tire you can really air-down.
  5. Love my At4. I can't speak for Toyota, because I've never owned one; but the ones I've ridden in just felt.. Low quality? idk. As for the AT4, I find the interior to be very luxurious and comfortable. My buddies in the back had a lot to say about the amount of room, the electronic outlets, AC vents, and heated rear seats. If you're looking for a "family hauler", can't go wrong with the safety features. The seat vibrates left to right, or right to left (depending on which direction the object behind you is crossing from.) I thought it was pretty awesome seeing that for the first time. The multi-pro tailgate is great for having your kids give you a hand with things in the bed too.
  6. I like it. I find it pretty useful on a two-lane highway when trucks "forget" to turn their brights off. or in fog. It's just a little resistance--it's not like you're going to have to fight too much to get it to do what you want. I feel it trying sometimes, but it really only takes control if you loosen your grip.
  7. aFe has a tuner which allows you to adjust your wheel size to sync your speedometer--along with a number of other things. It's $500. https://www.carid.com/afe-power/scorcher-pro-tuner-mpn-77-34011.html?singleid=1884964838&url=122839188
  8. I agree with the lift looking better. I have the AT4, but I do think the rounded wheel wells look better than GMC--and I think that's what makes the lift look proportioned. (ANYTHING is better than the god awful square shapes they had.) With that, I don't care too much for the Chinese-looking, camaro style headlights on the Chevy. I don't care for--nor do I hate---the grill on the AT4; however, I do feel the 2017's had a better GMC grill. The new Chevy grill isn't too bad. Just my 5cents (because it was a little more opinion than just the topic)
  9. I didn't know that about the 20's, thanks. While the intake may not change much, id rather have the over-priced dealer part they claimed to have installed, refunded to me. Hopefully, I can go dealer to dealer until I find one with one in stock. Anyway, thanks for the input. Good luck on settling your deal. Wish more people in dealerships could be honest with their work.. I've already been sold on the truck, least you can do is do it right.
  10. The AT4 I purchased from the dealer, had everything but the performance package I wanted. So, the same day, I paid the extra cost to have it added. Once it was finished, I was excited about the purchase and the way it sounded. Now, weeks later, I'm starting to get picky about things and making sure everything is how I want it. After my cousin brought it to my attention that I should've made sure all the work was actually done, I looked up what the performance package consisted of. While I can see the performance exhaust is installed--I noticed that the tires on it are not the Goodyear Duratrac the GMC site lists; they're Bridgestone Dueler's. Next, the intake isn't the cone-type performance intake filter, its the flat fliter. Are these an alternate performance package option? Or did I get gipped? If so, would the dealer be willing to recognize these missing details, or would they think I just swapped the parts myself? I'd go down to the dealer right now myself, but the oil field life keeps me at work. Haha. It's a long read, but I'd appreciate the input. Thank you.
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