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  1. As the title says, looking for an OEM 6.2L exhaust for a crew cab silverado.. I'm located in NC so closer the better. Clear up some space in your garage after you upgrade to a nice aftermarket catback Thanks!
  2. Who all is running the gibson patriot 4" exhaust on their l83 https://www.jegs.com/i/Gibson-Performance-Exhaust/462/70-0006/10002/-1 Wonder how loud or droney it is. Thanks!!
  3. Red_5, have you measured the rake with the fronts at the 4 notch? 3rd notch leaves 1" rake. Is 4th dead even?
  4. does the video have to be 480 resolution to play, or will any resolution play?
  5. can you take a pic of the sensor location in the dummy plug? not seeing it on my 2018 silverado.
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