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  1. When I start up my truck parts of the PRNDM flash. Tach and Voltage meter twitch. Service Theft Deterrent system alert comes on. Has anyone had this issue? I am WAYYY out of warranty. Have 125,600 on the truck. Do my oil changes at 5k miles and my transmission services like normal. I have never replaced the battery so I am wondering if it could be low voltage or if I am looking at transmission issues. I have made sure the battery cables are tight. Next will be looking at the starter wires. Just not sure what else to look for. Please help. Thanks!
  2. Had a similar issue, a screw had come loose under the dash, up under the steering wheel area. I found, out some silicone on it and now don’t have the issue.
  3. Had the same problem with my truck. It was just the lock actuator. Replaced it and had no problems since then.
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