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  1. Did u cut the it yourself or order it pre cut online. I have been thinking of doing this , now I'm sure I want 2. Thanks.
  2. Well I would demand the most expensive vehicle on thevlotbas my loaner. no exceptions
  3. Wrong. Summit racing has the new one for sale now for ours and you can disable the it
  4. Get the Borla and cut the damn flapper off. You only live once!!! Lol. (Only picture I have of when stiff was being cut off. People were gathered around saying wtf are those holes. Lol. )
  5. Hope it's not one of those " if you have to ask how much it costs you cant afford it " type of things. From what I could find I'm expecting to pay roughly 3500 for the parts?...
  6. I want to install these. Not finding many places that sell them. Anyone with any info at all on them would be appreciated. would love to know how much would cost to have installed on my trail boss if anyone has any info.
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