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  1. This is happening to me now. Dealer said couldnt replicate. I thought the radio problem was bad. Smh.
  2. I'll sell u mine!!! Listed for sale on forum
  3. Just a level kit. I'm in the Akron /Canton area but I can drive to meet you anywhere in Ohio. Thanks.
  4. I have 2 inch spacers. You will need fender flares if you dont want the sticking out look. Looks mad agressive with them. Love em , with flares look perfect
  5. Reduced to 2200. Must sell to do other mods!! Someone is gonna get a hell of a deal. Hurry!!
  6. Yes they are avs taillight covers. Go check www.summitracing.com
  7. Looks great. I'm gonna be doing this sooner than later. Thanks.
  8. I run them. They shine through just fine.
  9. You have to remove mud flaps. That's it. You can get plugs already color matched to put in the holes.
  10. Only like 200 miles on em. Basically brand new. I bought thevbaha boss 20'svand wentbwith aftermarket wheels and wheel spacers. Bad ass tire!!
  11. You can run Mickey Thompson's new Baha Boss 35's on a trail boss with a 1.5 level on the front with the trail boss wheels. I have them for sale on this forum. I decided I wanted 20's instead after I put em on.
  12. Only had em on like a week.new top of the line premium Baha Boss tire oem trail boss wheels Less than 200 miles on em. Ceramic coated. Mounted and balanced. Basically brand new. Must sell. 2500 and there yours.
  13. Liberty Products. DEFENDER FLARES. LOVE EM
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