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  1. Great looking truck can you please post more photos of it and the wheel combo? Thanks!
  2. Any issues using the shock extenders? Or did you upgrade your rear shocks?
  3. Cheap way, plasti dip it. Wrap it in black vinyl or have a shop do it for you. Expensive way, have a body shop paint it. They will have to scuff it up, lay paint/clear then I would take it to get Clear wrapped ASAP.
  4. I forgot to update finished photos of the grille and mirror caps. Paint match came out spot on and was super cheap!
  5. For those of you who installed the SST Kit, did you upgrade the rear shocks? If so what brand did you go with? I’m not a huge fan of using the shock extensions.
  6. Just got my SST Kit today, now I gotta wait till my buddy gets back from vacation so we can install it at the shop. #hurryupandwait
  7. Order and installed the EGR dark smoke window deflectors. Used my GM points rewards so total cost was $9.23 which isn’t bad! These kinda threw me off for a minute, I was expecting the front ones to have double sided tape on them but they don’t. Only the rear deflectors have tape on them. Simple install, took longer to clean the seals! Nice and sleek, they are flush with the trim.
  8. GM Sold unit numbers are actually really good right now. I’m actually happy they don’t have more parts out, I’m broke but wanna keep spending money
  9. What kinda deal did you get on it if you don’t mind me asking?
  10. Go into vehicle settings, you can adjust the volume on the chime. I have mine set so low you can barely hear it.
  11. Thanks! I had a little bit of satin black wrap left over so I just went for it. I’m no expert wrapper but with practice it will get easier. I didn’t take the handle off just worked with it on the door. It’s not perfect but looks great!
  12. Looks good, I’m lost on what color to wrap the bumper. Its impossible to find wrap that matches the satin steel paint. I would really like to have it painted/PPF but don’t want to go days without Bumpers, Maybe I’ll have it done while on my honeymoon...
  13. Yea I used a flathead screw driver. It broke 2 of the hooked pieces off in the middle (looks like the guy above broke the same pieces and he took his mirror apart) but nothing a little double sided tape couldn’t fix. These caps are one time use in my eyes. They are made very cheap, these cost me like 50 bucks with tax from GM.
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