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  1. Looks like he already sold it. Paint matched all the chrome bumpers too.
  2. Let us know how it goes, I’ll be installing a level and 34x12.5’s soon too.
  3. No “big tire syndrome” here trust me. I picked up a set of used 295/65/20’s, not sure what they measured out brand new but now they are sitting at 34” without rim/air. So I’m hoping that these will fit once I install the leveling kit.
  4. I personally just broke down and ordered a 2” rough Country level last night. I’m waiting for Fox to release their coil over set up late November. I just can’t stand the factory rake and want to lift the front up. I have 35’s ready to go so I’m gonna see if I can squeeze them in with a level. I figure the stock tires are sitting at 32’s, the 35’s are measuring out to 34” so 2” level should accommodate a 2” taller tire I hope!
  5. You should buy them so I can see how they look before I purchase new wheels . I’ve looked at bronze but wasn’t sure how they would look on our Satin Steel trucks.
  6. With the GM lift you’re getting new CV Axles to help with the angles. I’m wondering how much and if GM has them for sale as “replacements” yet. If that’s the case you could just do a 2” spacer lift and the longer CV’s. Also I read that no matter who installs the GM factory trail boss lift that your warranty is still good. So therefore you and your buddy can install it and still be covered. The other thing that GM offers is recalibrated powersteering, Speedo and front parking assist sensors.
  7. Hey guys just got off the phone with Jeff over at Fox Racing. He said the testing is done they are just waiting on production and the whole legal process which could take some time. He gave me a rough estimated time of Nov/December time frame (personally I don’t want to wait that long haha). He mentioned the new 2.0’s won’t require an aftermarket UCA which is interesting. He said they didn’t notice any issues with binding or wear during testing. So therefore if you plan on jumping it or doing serious off-road you shouldn’t “need” UCA’s. I’m very curious about this tho. What do you guys think? What I forgot to ask him is how much adjustable lift it will have. 2” or 3”? I know Icon has 3.5” which is perfect in my eyes, wonder what Fox will put out for the new 19’s. He also mentioned they are coming out with a new specific rear shock for the 19’s to help with the jiggly rear end. So hold off on buying the ‘18 stuff and get the new ‘19. That’s all I got for now. - Dennis
  8. You’re the man thank you! Gonna go for a sleek stock look with extra height and a whole lot of extra performance for now. New wheels and tires in the spring. Thank you!
  9. Awesome set up and this is what I’m looking to add to my truck. Any idea if you can run a stock wheel with 35’s with your current set up? I came across a killer deal on 295/65/20’s and would like to try and save a few bucks by running the stock wheels for a bit.
  10. The dealer printed out an exploded view with some stuff on it that I couldn’t even read/make out so I just had to go about it on my own. Take out all the push pin clips, remove the tray looking thing. It will open up and you’ll see 4(?) bolts I think they were 10mm bolts. Take those out and then literally pull the grill straight out. Everything is held in with clips.
  11. I have the same ones but for a double cab in north jersey as well
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Guy on craigslist was looking to purchase mine off my 19 for his ‘18.
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