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  1. The grille was gloss black just like the front end of the trail boss.
  2. No, I went to the dealer and bought the black paintable mirror caps, had the local auto shop who paints all the chevys paint the mirror caps and grille. I’d like color matched door handles but haven’t seen any yet.
  3. Thanks I’ve seen those AMI ones, they are affiliated with Rough Country. So were they not a direct bolt on product? You mentioned you had to drill 2 new holes.
  4. Prepped and plasti-dipped my stock chrome steps. Now the fiancé can get in and out of the truck a little easier. This will do until I get AMP’s.
  5. I’d like to install an on board air compressor for airing up moto/mountain bike tires while at the trailhead. Wondering if anyone has installed something like this on their truck or previous trucks. If so what brand and how did you do it? Thanks!
  6. No idea maybe my gearing? It’s set up for highway driving, I think it’s 3.23’s in it, I gotta check the window sticker. But also I’m at relatively low elevation less than 1,000’ so I’ll see better MPG than say someone in Colorado. this was also when the truck had less than 2,000 miles on it. Now I have about 7k. Those 20mpgs are gone with the lift and tires.
  7. Yea every day to work 22-24mpg, that’s not babying the pedal either. I took a longer trip over the summer with the stock wheels/tires and my “best 50miles” was 27.4mpg.
  8. Thanks! I’ll be deleting chrome as time goes on. Can’t do everything at once, gotta have things to look forward too. I’ll end up buying new bumpers maybe some sort of aftermarket ones.
  9. 4” Ready Lift with 295/65/20’s with -18 offset. It rubs and my fiancé laughs at me. Just shot these today, if anyone in the New Jersey area wants to meet up for photos hit me up! -Dennis
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