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  1. I also complained about my seat... I blame the lane assist vibrators as well as all of the complaints above. I find the passenger seat much more comfortable. But my biggest complaint is the lack of adjustable pedals. like LMCrazy says.. I used a combination of the pedals and seat adjustment on my 2017 to think it was the most comfortable truck I've owned. My wife and I drove it across Canada, down to California and back to Ontario for an 18,000km road trip with our truck camper. Many 12hr days in the seat with no complaints. After 4-5hrs in my 2020 and my right leg and hip get uncomfortable and I get a restless feeling. I also find the lumbar support isn't the same as my last truck and my lower back will start bothering me. And I drive around most of the day to look after multiple job sites so I my truck is my "office" and the comfort matters a lot. One of my biggest complaints with the new body styles.. I have 70k on my truck now, and do find them better as they have broken in a bit... but the base is still hard compared to my 2017 and the seating position can't be changed no matter how much they break in.
  2. Just got my truck back last week after being at the dealer for 3 weeks with a bad DEF heater. My truck ended up being the guinea pig for a fix they wanted to try until the part comes in. They spliced two wires together that should not work together but did it anyways against GMs wishes. It has been working flawlessly for the last week and my dealer asks for an update everyday to keep GM engineers in the loop. My truck was the first they had seen with the problem... now some dealers around here have 20+ trucks sitting in their lots with the same issues. I have a $100k truck and own a business that I use it for everyday to haul. This was a big pi$$ off to me that GM couldn't fix the problem. My part was ordered weeks ago and was canceled by GM because they had so many failures coming in they are going to try and redesign the part before sending them out I am told. Sounds like a recall will be coming. I'm just happy that my dealer chose me to be the guinea pig because my loaner (at first it was a Terrain which I told them didn't work for my job, and they gave me a 1500 a couple days later which helped a bit) wasn't cutting it for what I bought my truck to do. Also, I drove it in reduced power at 104km/hr (65mph) which was good for about 100 miles or so, and then it alerted me that it would reduce again to 88km/hr (55mph) which is barely the speed limit on the side roads, and less than the speed limit on our highways... if it didn't keep dropping the Max speed, I would have advised you guys to keep it until there was a fix... but it doesn't work that way unfortunately
  3. Just had mine replaced under warranty yesterday as my warranty is almost up. My passenger side was intermittent for a while for how far it would close.. Then started only going half way all the time. Took it in, they said it failed and would be replaced under warranty. I didn't argue. The dealer did tell me though that GM just issued a notice saying the warranty for all mirrors will need to be applied for and approved as of Feb 1. I guess they are replacing too many of these things because they are a low build quality. I do believe they will fail again though just based on their design...
  4. The headache rack went straight into the spoiler actually. When loading it by myself I actually slid it in thinking it would clear and it hit the bed view camera that points down. I would try and get them to get you a 2021 model or maybe swap out the headache rack for you to the new one? If not, I used the deck to drive around a bit before I got to cutting it and lifting it up. The horizontal top bar directly blocks the two cameras in the spoiler (if you have them) which is another reason I lifted it up. I had a piece of 1/2 plywood between the front of the box and the sled deck as a spacer which kept it from hitting the camera/spoiler again and could have been a permanent solution if I didn’t care about the blocked cameras.
  5. I forgot I also lifted the headache rack to be able to use it for work and clear the cab as the new cabs are taller and the top of the rack was lower than the roof
  6. I have a 7' Marlon Xplore Pro II deck on my standard box. Couldn't ask for a better fit! I had the same deck on my 2017 2500hd and it sat roughly flush with the back bumper. The new truck it sits perfectly flush with the tailgate curve like it was meant for it. I did have to modify the headache rack to not hit my rear cab brake light/camera though... the new 2021 Marlon decks have a new headache rack design to address the new trucks with cameras.
  7. My truck automatically turns off after 15min. And yes my dog comes with me to work everyday. I drive from job site to job site as a supervisor. I leave my truck running almost 100% of the time on job sites for specific tasks as well. Auto shut off is annoying and I wish I could disable it.
  8. I have +18 on 18x9 wheels and the tires sit just proud of the fenders roughly 1/2-1". Ideally id like to go to a +6 or so to be a tad more aggressive.
  9. Depending on your sled deck... I run a Marlon Xplore Pro with the rear Blade light bar built in. I had the same issue with mine and had to order a Putco light bar adapter to get it to function properly. I got the recommendation on here for it and was skeptical, but it worked awesome! https://www.amazon.ca/gp/r.html?C=2JG4V7T7UJ2XJ&K=FVFZLBQKQ863&M=urn:rtn:msg:2019112122560125853bc6ba1d4f8093f8dd0a5970p0na&R=2OD3TU63YXFRD&T=C&U=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.ca%2Fdp%2FB07V82RZNT%2Fref%3Dpe_3034960_236394800_TE_3p_dp_1&H=RC6USVOKQVIYGCGJLB1E3SVRWE8A&ref_=pe_3034960_236394800_TE_3p_dp_1
  10. I missed it initially. I had a fully loaded 2017 Duramax and loved that I could adjust the pedals to where I needed them. I have short legs and long arms and like my arms stretched out when driving. So I would adjust the pedals closer to me. I noticed it right away on my new truck, and it pissed me off that they didn't include this feature, but coming up on a year now of owning it, I forgot its not there.
  11. Ya the 35s fit perfect. I’m super happy with the setup and glad I didn’t have to level/lift it for the look I wanted. My wheels are Method NV HD in 18x9 +18 with BFG AT2s in 35x12.5. They poke about an inch which I like. Not a single rub even driving through my fields and up over curbs at full lock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nope. Its a safety programmed in, I'm assuming so you can't have someone drop the tailgate with the inner down and hit your hitch. I run a sled deck in the winter (like a solid tonneau cover) and use my truck for work carrying pipe and such. A couple of times I have dropped the inner tailgate to load pipes in the bed and let them hang out two feet. This is PERFECT for me because of the sled deck doesn't allow me to close the tailgate and let the pipes hang out. Until I got to the job site and had to unload it all to get the inner tailgate closed so I could drop the rest of the tailgate down. HUGE design flaw that makes a great useable idea, not useable for what I want to do with it sometimes.
  13. You can't deploy them from the truck electronics. But you can open and close a door, and place your foot on it when it tries to retract. This is how AMP tells you to keep them in the down position when you want. Then just open and close a door again to have them lift up and stow away again.
  14. This is my biggest gripe with this truck. I own a business and am constantly needing to be on the phone while driving around. My 2017 LTZ would read me my text messages, and I could wait to reply if I wanted. Or if I needed to reply asap I would plug in to CarPlay and go that route. My wireless charging in the armrest needed to be updated for my newer iPhone so I had to plug it in to charge anyways so the CarPlay wasn't such a pain. Now that I have the wireless charging that works so well, I find it a big hassle to plug in my phone only to get messages and such read to me. Like we went downhill from the previous models. I find myself reading my phone more than I ever used to and I really try not to. Wireless CarPlay should have been introduced with the wireless charging I think. I would LOVE to have it in my 2020. I heard the new iPhones coming this fall are losing their charging port completely now. It will all be wireless connectivity from then on. Which makes sense why the wireless CarPlay is coming this year.
  15. My mirrors on my 2017 2500HD were power folding and the passenger side wouldn't fold in all the way most of the time by the end (65k miles) and the drivers mirror would not fold at all the odd time. The motors worked fine, but the gear inside would skip. And I RARELY used them as I live in the country and rarely have to worry about city traffic.
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