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  1. Ya the 35s fit perfect. I’m super happy with the setup and glad I didn’t have to level/lift it for the look I wanted. My wheels are Method NV HD in 18x9 +18 with BFG AT2s in 35x12.5. They poke about an inch which I like. Not a single rub even driving through my fields and up over curbs at full lock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nope. Its a safety programmed in, I'm assuming so you can't have someone drop the tailgate with the inner down and hit your hitch. I run a sled deck in the winter (like a solid tonneau cover) and use my truck for work carrying pipe and such. A couple of times I have dropped the inner tailgate to load pipes in the bed and let them hang out two feet. This is PERFECT for me because of the sled deck doesn't allow me to close the tailgate and let the pipes hang out. Until I got to the job site and had to unload it all to get the inner tailgate closed so I could drop the rest of the tailgate down. HUGE design flaw that makes a great useable idea, not useable for what I want to do with it sometimes.
  3. You can't deploy them from the truck electronics. But you can open and close a door, and place your foot on it when it tries to retract. This is how AMP tells you to keep them in the down position when you want. Then just open and close a door again to have them lift up and stow away again.
  4. This is my biggest gripe with this truck. I own a business and am constantly needing to be on the phone while driving around. My 2017 LTZ would read me my text messages, and I could wait to reply if I wanted. Or if I needed to reply asap I would plug in to CarPlay and go that route. My wireless charging in the armrest needed to be updated for my newer iPhone so I had to plug it in to charge anyways so the CarPlay wasn't such a pain. Now that I have the wireless charging that works so well, I find it a big hassle to plug in my phone only to get messages and such read to me. Like we went downhill from the previous models. I find myself reading my phone more than I ever used to and I really try not to. Wireless CarPlay should have been introduced with the wireless charging I think. I would LOVE to have it in my 2020. I heard the new iPhones coming this fall are losing their charging port completely now. It will all be wireless connectivity from then on. Which makes sense why the wireless CarPlay is coming this year.
  5. My mirrors on my 2017 2500HD were power folding and the passenger side wouldn't fold in all the way most of the time by the end (65k miles) and the drivers mirror would not fold at all the odd time. The motors worked fine, but the gear inside would skip. And I RARELY used them as I live in the country and rarely have to worry about city traffic.
  6. I as well am getting worse mileage in my 20 than my 17 duramax. Roughly 16/17mpg on my '20, and I would get 19/20 on my '17 on average. My best in MPG in the 30 mile setting was 27mpg in my '17 on a annual trip I do and I did the exact same route this year in the '20 and it was 23mpg as the best in the 30mile setting. Not going to lie, I was kind of disappointed. Thinking the new 10 speed would make it even better on gas... That being said, these diesels always run more efficient in warm weather, and I only got the truck in October and being in Canada it is cold. So maybe it will be better come summer. I just did our annual snowmobile trip in February. Flat highway for the majority of it and a 7hr drive. My truck had two guys in the cab and two sleds on the sled deck. I averaged roughly 13mpg for this trip which was about 375 miles to a tank (and HALF A TANK OF DEF which has been super good up until this trip). Last year I did the same trip in my '17 but with 4 guys in the cab, two sleds on the deck and a two place wide trailer with two sleds in it. Averaged roughly 16mpg and easily had 425 miles to a tank or more WITH TWICE THE LOAD. I'm thinking it must be the tire size on these new trucks. My '17 had 33s on it (actually like 32.6" or something) and my '20 has 35s on it now (measure 34.8 or something)
  7. When I have my sled (never mind two) up on my deck I get people flashing as well.
  8. I am running 18x9 +18 Method NVHDs with 35x12.5x18 BFG AT2s on stock suspension and no rub.
  9. It does show there in the instructions, but I agree it was too tight for me. and after it was in there, it would be extremely hard to remove that cover again without cutting the ties for the controller. I mounted mine to the wire loom and bracket that are just in front of the box there. Ill take a pic in a bit. I have almost 15,000miles on mine and perfect.
  10. I know I have posted this before, but because the last couple people have been talking about GMCs vs Chevys and +20 offset wheels I thought I'd post again. My tires are 35x12.5r18 BFG AT KO2s on Method NV HD 18x9 +18. No rub whatsoever at full lock in and out of my steep rough entrance into my farm fields over furrows and such. Yes I know its dirty!
  11. Running boards from the 19+ 1500s fit on the 2500s as I just installed my AMP power steps this weekend.
  12. I do this all the time too while visiting job sites as my dog comes with me to work. In the summer heat and winter cold, I leave the truck running if needed for him. The truck with the fob in or out only runs for 15min or so and shuts itself off. It’s probably an anti idling thing, but it’s annoying. My last truck, I’d leave the keys in and lock the truck with the app on my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. not sure why the picture isn't working in the thread...
  14. Curious about this. I leave my truck running often in the hot summer or cold winter as I bring my dog with me everywhere and he stays in my truck when I do site visits. I hate how the truck turns itself off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thats a long time to wait for a deck! That first ride will be extra sweet haha My Marlon comes with this exact Putco Blade rear LED bar, that's why I was asking. But sounds like you've built a similar scenario on your truck just a different setup.
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