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  1. I put the Undercover Armor Flex on mine, auto down still works on the tailgate, no issues at all. Install took about 30-40 minutes and no surprises there. Love that it has Line-X coating on the top to avoid scratches and dents.
  2. Well, I've had my truck for exactly one month now... and I've only had it stop on me one time at a stop light, then I turned it off manually. Most of the time for the first few weeks I remembered to disable it when I started the truck, but recently I've stopped doing that and have noticed that it is not turning the truck off at all. I dunno what the timer is, but honestly it's so rare that mine stops I don't even mess with the button.
  3. That is one of two reasons why I keep it on there... watch where you're walking is the lesson here. The other reason being for people who want to park too close or rear end me.
  4. Hmmm, well, that kinda sucks but is understandable. I typically like to keep my hitch on my trucks all the time but might not be a great idea now.
  5. As a new Sierra owner... what issues arise with hitches and the MP tailgate?
  6. Correct, the 92 is a LX Coupe. The one I traded was a 2014 GT California Special... two different cars.
  7. It's a 1992 coupe, 5.0 with Trick Flow (TFS) 170 heads, TFS Stage 1 cam, BBK long tube headers, GT-40 Tubular intake, Megasquirt EFI, T5 5 speed, 04 Cobra IRS in the back, Maximum Motorsports Koni coil overs/CC Plates/Strut Tower Brace, Brembo front brakes, Cobra rear brakes, Black interior with Corbeau seats. All that plus a bunch of other minor stuff.... I've got a build thread link below if anyone is interested. https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/bird_dog0347s-fox-has-the-squirts.869954/
  8. Hey guys, new here. After 6.5 years of driving my Mustang GT my kids no longer fit in the back seat so I had to go back to a truck. Not to worry, I had two mustangs (now one) so I still have a toy car... unfortunately now I have a car payment again. I do love the truck, and feel like I got a decent/good deal on it. 2020 Sierra Texas Ed. SLT Premium, Driver Alert 1 pkg, X31, Spray in bed liner. Anyway, this is a pic thread but this is the only one I've taken so far, and the keeper mustang for reference.
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