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  1. Very wise post there jlong. Never trust the dealer to disclose damage or repairs. I would bring that truck to an independent body shop and have them check for damage/repairs.
  2. Tahoe, as you know that is a lot of frame rust for a new truck. That sucks, I would also be pissed . In one of those pix where the frame wax is smeared it looks like there was some sort of clamp or hook on the frame . Whenever I see smears or rust on a new frame I start to think that the vehicle has been on a body shop frame rack or it was recovered from a ditch by a tow truck. Sorry for your troubles, just throwing these ideas out there.
  3. JW2020, thanks for taking the time to post this info.
  4. I may be interested in a white truck..Do you have a dealer name or link for the white trucks? Thanks.
  5. I also see no Double cab LB 4X4 LT Duramax in stock anywhere. Back in early Feb I got a price quote and estimated delivery date for the above truck. The salesman said 12-14 weeks give or take. Now with the GM shutdown, I am thinking end of the year. That's ok with me, I'd rather have a 2021 truck anyways.
  6. That is one GREAT looking Heavy Chevy.
  7. Yes very rare around here (san fran bay area) I have seen only 2 on the roads.
  8. Nice setup you got there. Awesome truck and Canam Rockcrawler. Sweet!!
  9. FirstAscent, If you havent already, check out Kendall GM of Nampa . They are knocking off $9k-$11k on Higher trim trucks.
  10. Sniperdan ,I agree with you 100% on that bed step. I do not like it or need it. Yes GM should make that an option. Maybe in the future they will .If not, hopefully an aftermarket company will come out with a bed step delete kit.
  11. Hi, Are there any CA guys in here that have bought/ordered from out of state? The out of state dealer states..... This truck will have NE1 emissions. It'll have the California Class standard sticker, but will still need to get an emissions test done prior to registering it because of the out of state purchase...... Any of you guys do this? Whats involved with the emissions test? Whats involved with the CA DMV registration? Thanks,Steve.
  12. Nice!!!!! Much better with the hood cap painted body color.
  13. Another thing to consider is body damage/poor body work repair. Perhaps the truck was damaged/crashed while in the dealers possession. If a body panel was repaired or replaced,there is always the possibility of a wire being cut or nicked during the repairs. Of course the dealer is not going to disclose these repairs. It may be a good idea to take the truck to a body shop and have them look it over for signs of body repair.. Good luck to you.
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