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  1. I also have this lift, and I installed it myself. I am an experienced Mechanic with 20 years experience working in dealerships and custom shops. I have installed lift kits in the past, but mostly specialized in performance car modification. I bought this kit from 4Wheel Parts in Glendale, AZ. This was for my 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500. Overall the parts that came in the kit were of good quality, The truck looks great. I was able to fit 35x12.5 R17 tires. The installation instructions were confusing in many places, and needed more illustrations as the written direction were not very descriptive. In a couple places in the instructions it references parts that are not in the kit. (spacers for the Skid plate, and others) The way the kit addresses the ABS wires and the brake lines leave alot to be desired. For the price of the kit, and the reputation both ProComp and 4Wheel Parts have. I would have expected more time and effort to be put into this. As this is literally the most important part of the kit... Safety... The Front Brake line relocation instructs you to bend the banjo fitting on the softline, Uhh no, not gonna happen, it will fatigue and could cause brake failure. It was not necessary to gain any additional slack in the brake lines anyways. The front ABS wire bracket properly mounts the connector, but the abs wire after that is just ran through a clamp and bracket and is left to rub against the knuckle, Alot more thought should have gone into this... I am going to wrap the wires in loom to protect it. The rear brake relocation bracket and method was acceptable, but there was absolutely no solution for the abs wires. When the truck is lifted and the rear suspension is at full droop, you could play the abs wires like a guitar string. Nothing in the kit addresses this. A extension wire should have been supplied to extend the abs wires. This is a pretty serious oversight. If for any reason the rear were to become airborne the ABS wires will either rip or unplug themselves. The instructions say to cut 9/16" off the inner and outer tie rods. After aligning the truck, I found that I had to bottom out the outer tierods pretty hard to get the correct toe. So cutting 7/8" off inners and outers should do the trick. Use a portable band saw for this, as it will cut nice and smooth, and not damage the threads. Also I did not like the fact that in order to lower the front diff, I had to cut the the frame of the truck. Although this might be unavoidable, due to how chevy crammed that front diff in there. Just be aware that you will have to cut the frame I chose to upgrade the kit with the ProRunner rear shocks and the add a leaf kit. The front of the truck rides identical to stock, since all it did was relocate the lower control arms. The rear of the truck rides alot harder. Not sure which is more the culprit, the prorunner shocks or the add a leaf. Once I put 400lbs in the bed it seems to smooths out a little bit. This kit could be a 5 star if they could address the ABS lines, and the instructions...
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