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  1. I have a random dinking sound when listening to music from my iPhone 8. It happens when I am using Bluetooth or hard wired. It also does it when using the Apple Car Play app. Sometime it will ****** several times in a row and sometimes you can go for an hour and not have it ******. The ****** is louder when the volume is turned up. My dealer claims that it is my phone that is causing it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank,
  2. My experience with metal is that it will crack when it is flexing over and over. We call it "oil canning". If you are going to keep the rack I would find a way to beef up the areas that the rack is attached to and the areas the are flexing/cracking. Good luck
  3. I have stock 20s which is a 275/65R20. I am going to run them for now
  4. That's the height that I am looking for. Plus I have airbags in the rear. You just adjusted the stock keys? And did you need to have it aligned after lifting? Hopefully the ride is the same? Thanks,
  5. On my 2020 AT4 2500 the steering is off a few degrees to the left. It doesn't seem pull one-way or another. It was that way with the factory 18" rims/tires and with my 7 year old studded rims/tires left over from my 2013 Denali. My dealer said that they will check on it when I bring it in for the first oil change next month. I purchased a set of set stock 2020 20" rims/tires and will put those on the truck prior to taking it in for repair. Standby for a report. Thanks,
  6. Does anyone know what the factory top speed settings are for the 2020 HDs? I have not been able to find this info on the web. For my 2013 HD I purchased a Hyperteck programmer and was able to raise it. My 2001 1500 was set at 85 miles per hour which is the speed limit in some states. Thanks,
  7. I swap out the wheels/tires every fall/spring and have a TPMS tuner to set sensors each time. Thanks for help
  8. Ok I will when I have a minute. Still trying to figure out how to use this forum. Thanks
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