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  1. Same issue on my brand-spanking-new 2019 Tahoe. Did you get your problem resolved by the replacement door unlock sensors??? Be good to be able to tell my 'service' department I found the fix. They have, they say, opened a 'ticket' with GM...
  2. Just picked up a new 2019 LS, same issue. Dealer agreed range was poor, and a loaner they let me use did NOT have this issue at all. Said they'd 'open up a ticket' with GM on it. Remote FOB phone app works great. But I don't want to pay 15-20 bucks a month for THAT service. A 50+K truck should not have issues like this, every other vehicle I've had with RS worked flawlessly...
  3. Hello New to the forum, just took delivery of a 2019 Tahoe LS Custom, and I made sure it had the Max Tow Package. this includes an integrated brake controller. I'm still breaking in the Tahoe, only 100 miles on it so far, but today I hooked it up to my trailer to check things out. All the lights work as expected on the trailer. Tested the built-in trailer brake controller: Pushing the gain controls or the manual lever triggers the display on the speedometer area. Pressing the gain up/down buttons produces what you'd expect on the display: gain increases or decreases. BUT: Moving the manual operation lever does nothing, the 'output' line on the display does not move. I would expect it should. With gain at max and the manual lever held to max, the trailer moves, brakes don't seem to be applied. They were working fine when I last used it with my prior vehicle. Tried with trailer mode engaged and displayed, no difference, trailer plugged in, no difference. I haven't done any more testing yet, thought I'd ask first if the output should move without a trailer attached. Or if there is something that needs to be configured to enable the controller, found nothing in the Owner's Manual about that... Any help appreciated...
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