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  1. My '19 Tahoe compressor started running almost constantly, only 4000 miles. I determined myself the left rear shock was leaking. Took it to the closest dealer and they ordered and installed the shock. Problem solved... for now...
  2. Brand new Tahoe, same issue. On a trip south, compressor started running almost constantly... It will stop, but in few seconds to a minute or two, kicks in again. Brutally cold, so haven't looked at anything. Was hoping to find a simple == dealerless solution... Sad they so often say "oh, they ALL do that..." How do you open a claim with GM please????
  3. A new amplifier also cured my problem, all is well now... I found the bulletin on-line and informed my service manager about it. Not sure they'd have found it on their own.... But Chev authorized the replacement and it's fixed.... On my first long excursion with the '19 Tahoe, pulling a 3200# trailer, about 320# tongue weight, the rear shock compressor seems to run almost constantly, which I'd interpret as a leaky shock?????
  4. Thanks Bob2C. I do not have any error messages about the Fobs not being seen/programmed. Just doesn't work very well. I had an '05 Malibu and it would remote-start if I could SEE it.... GM is going to replace the 'antenna amplifier' on my '19 Tahoe. Part is in, but 2 weeks to install appointment, was to be today, but they cancelled citing "no GM tech on duty this week"... Great service... NOT... I'll report on fixed/not fixed after the appointment.
  5. Same issue on my brand-spanking-new 2019 Tahoe. Did you get your problem resolved by the replacement door unlock sensors??? Be good to be able to tell my 'service' department I found the fix. They have, they say, opened a 'ticket' with GM...
  6. Just picked up a new 2019 LS, same issue. Dealer agreed range was poor, and a loaner they let me use did NOT have this issue at all. Said they'd 'open up a ticket' with GM on it. Remote FOB phone app works great. But I don't want to pay 15-20 bucks a month for THAT service. A 50+K truck should not have issues like this, every other vehicle I've had with RS worked flawlessly...
  7. Hello New to the forum, just took delivery of a 2019 Tahoe LS Custom, and I made sure it had the Max Tow Package. this includes an integrated brake controller. I'm still breaking in the Tahoe, only 100 miles on it so far, but today I hooked it up to my trailer to check things out. All the lights work as expected on the trailer. Tested the built-in trailer brake controller: Pushing the gain controls or the manual lever triggers the display on the speedometer area. Pressing the gain up/down buttons produces what you'd expect on the display: gain increases or decreases. BUT: Moving the manual operation lever does nothing, the 'output' line on the display does not move. I would expect it should. With gain at max and the manual lever held to max, the trailer moves, brakes don't seem to be applied. They were working fine when I last used it with my prior vehicle. Tried with trailer mode engaged and displayed, no difference, trailer plugged in, no difference. I haven't done any more testing yet, thought I'd ask first if the output should move without a trailer attached. Or if there is something that needs to be configured to enable the controller, found nothing in the Owner's Manual about that... Any help appreciated...
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