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  1. True, I have a black 2015 Jeep and it is black no metal at all in it, But it is a cool color when clean for sure...
  2. Have to admit I was wrong on the Pacific blue color when I ment to say the Dark Sky is an awesome color too...
  3. But clean the Satin Steel Metallic is the best there is but the Pacific Blue Metallic is cool also....
  4. When I was testing mine I was think'n the people behind me prolly thinks I'm drunk... LOL
  5. I have to abruptly go across the lines right or left before the seat will vibrate, If you jus steer it over the lines it will not go off....
  6. Yur right New means new doesn't mean good, everything you buy nowdays has been cheap'n up, A buddy that works in refrigeration told me if you have a refrigerator 10 years old that works good keep it cuz new ones don't last, but like I said, all auto manufactures let us be be the Guinea pigs to find their bugs... So you have to decide what manufactures vehicle fits you best and hope for the best, But lets keep posting bout our issues and help one another instead of bashing one another and jus maybe we can tell the dealer how to get our trucks fixed lol....
  7. I had to hold the garage door remote inches away from truck opener and go thru that process first then had to go thru the process of the garage door opener, First door went great but had to have my wife in the truck hitting truck button while I was hitting the learn button on garage door opener and it finally took after bout eight try's .. Good luck..
  8. Yes a handful, It's a number I jus came up with compared to the trucks sold, Look, Not say'n everybody is not having issues, Hell my truck was in the shop 30 days with jus 1200 miles on it for a wire harness issue and if you understand controls it's like finding a needle in a haystack to find those electrical issues, ended up being a pin in the harness was too small to make contact in a harness with like 60 wires, I and do believe this is a great place for helping out with issues people have but if you jus come here to tell people not to buy a GM cuz all the issues go over to the other auto makers and see their problems and you would never buy a new vehicle, My mechanic stayed with the issue I was having even though he had little help from GM techs and he solved it so yah we are having issues but hang in there and they will be resolved.... But yes so far my truck is doing great (knock on wood) after the electrical problem and upgrades.....
  9. Keep in mind there is jus a handful of unhappy Chevy/GMC people here compared to millions of trucks sold so if yur basing buy'n a Chevy or GMC cuz unhappy people on a discussion group you will never buy a truck cuz head over to the Ford, Dodge and Toyota groups and see those unhappy folks alsp….
  10. I really like these.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MYSWS2W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I have no regrets even though the first 30 days spent in shop for a wire harness feeding the front camera had an issue of a pin crimped so tight it would not seat properly but my mechanic stuck with the issue scratching his head after removing a harness out of a new one on the lot because he was having trouble getting one and it did not work so he put my harness in the other truck and it worked fine so he kept digging and found that pin, He too replace front camera a couple times before he started a deep dive into the harness so jus wundering if that is the problem people are having with their trucks, Read my post on Very weird electrical issue on 2019 Sierra SLT , Kudos to my mechanic for sticking with this head scratching problem a resolving it, I had the final brake recall done tonight and no issues with the lane assist or the lane departure systems like others have had either (knock on wood) But really I love everything about this truck and while at the dealer today I looked at the 2020's and with same options they are bout $2000 higher...
  12. Ok recall was done N192268091, Heard where it took like an hour, Mine took only 15-20 minutes, Drove home, stop got gas on way and everything works ok so far, Tested Lane assist, Lane departure all way home and all good.. They extended the warranty to 08/26 or 120,000 miles also... Thanks for the replies everybody posted...
  13. If you do not have it done and have an issue can you hold them accountable? And to me breaks goin out is far more important than lane assist not working, But I also have never use the GM app to start or unlock my truck...
  14. I go in tomorrow also bro, I post how it goes.. Thanks for yur reply...
  15. Thanks Man.... I'm think'n with all the trucks sold there is really just a handful here with issues but my luck I will be in that handful...
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