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  1. They replaced the sd card first, reader part, the usb cable, the whole radio unit, and finally they called GM and got a software patch that the dealership had to download it. It took them two day’s to get it to download to their computers. After the patch update it was fixed. It’s been okay every since. At first sometimes it would still pop up the error message but it would fix itself and work right then. Last week the only random thing was my backup camara had a blue screen on it. But it finally came back after it sat awhile and worked. Your best bet is to take it to a dealer and have them call GM and have them install the patch for the radio system.
  2. My finally got fixed had to have take it to the dealership and they had to download a software update to the radio that The dealer could only get. It took two days for them to get the software to download even to their computer. It’s been working for me since it only messes up sometimes but it fixes itself.
  3. Still having issues this is how Chevy treats their customers on hold today for over 43 mins for a supervisor in the business dept and still didn't speak to one.
  4. And another example: https://youtu.be/BJXJjdnMZN4 Has anyone else’s called Chevy and GM and complained about all the issues??
  5. I have been getting this error message every few times when I get in my truck. They replaced the SD card, reader, radio, and the n-cable. It’s been to two different dealers and still does it this video was after all 4 things replaced. Also upgraded my phone and it still does it! Called GM many times and no advisors are helpful! https://youtu.be/K9pZYyLEcZ4
  6. They replaced the charging cord today and it did it again. Everyone needs to call Chevy and complain.
  7. I would call Chevy and complain everyone needs too! They don't take it serious enough. They replaced the charging cord today and it did it again after it was turned off for a few minutes.
  8. They probably do know it’s a problem. My case was at a senior adviser for weeks and she wouldn’t call me back. Someone told me to file with BBB and I did it closed the senior advisor case. Then it’s now at the hands of a business legal advisor. I have talked to multiple advisors and supervisors. Chevy is no help spend over an 1 and 10 mins on hold with them one time trying to get a different senior advisor. And now waiting for a field tech to come out. But the business advisor will rarely call me back even after leaving messages. All he will respond is I got your message. Okay you gonna call me.... I spoke to his boss who was even less helpful. It’s Chevy doesn’t care about their customers. They have replaced the SD card, reader and radio and it still occurs. Also traded in the phone cause dealership wanted to blame it on my phone. I got a new phone and it still occurs and my Bluetooth randomly will go out when the SD card goes out. Tomorrow it’s going to another dealer to see if they have any other ideas on what can be done. My advice is everyone call and complain maybe then they will report it to software team I have asked for that to be done also but they won’t listen.
  9. Been having this issue still wondering if your problem has been completely fixed???? Or if you still have trouble with yours?
  10. Did you upgrade to v805.1 Recently by chance? That’s when I noticed mine.
  11. Any updated??? They replaced my SD charge, charging port, and radio and it still happens!
  12. Please help I have been to the dealer multiple times in the past few weeks for my 2019 Chevy Colorado. They are struggling to fix this issue and no one really knows how to fix it. It keeps saying the SD card for Navigation has been removed when it hasn't been. I have an iPhone X latest update. The bluetooth comes and goes too when the navigation does. Bluetooth for phone calls will work but music won't play and I have even tried my moms older iPhone and it still does the same thing. The dealership has replaced the SD card, the whole front USB port, and the radio system unit. It still did it today and bluetooth music comes and goes like the SD card reader error for navigation. Any one else experiencing anything on any GM cars?? I also have the latest version of the infotainment system and I'm wondering if the update messed is messing it up like some kind of bug.
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