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  1. WeatherTech released their own hard cover tonneau for the carbon pro, it looks very similar to the Lomax posted above. Mine just came today and I'm super happy with it, definitely nicer in my opinion when compared to the OEM soft cover.
  2. I got an email from procharger, too, about this news. I find it interesting that they still dont show prices or options to order on their website.
  3. Not sure if your question is directed at all 3 of us, on my end I haven't checked to see if mine leaks. Then again I'm not concerned since I don't plan on storing anything in the bed anyway.
  4. Ditched the fender flares and installed RC 2 inch leveling kit. Much happier with the look.
  5. I ditched the fender flares and put on RC's 2 inch leveling kit.
  6. Put on Rough Country fender flares today. Love how it looks. 2020 Sierra Denali Rough Country Fender Flares https://imgur.com/gallery/FJ2l79W
  7. Awesome, I bet more and more company's will be debuting their superchargers for 19s and 20s this year. Up to 2 now with procharger and whipple.
  8. It's getting the ECU tuned is what is holding everyone back right? Seems to be from reading older threads. Having everything bolt on and ready to go for $8800 seems reasonable to me but I'm coming from the BMW world where everything is expensive so it wasn't such a sticker shock for me lol.
  9. https://www.procharger.com/truck-superchargers/general-motors/gm-trucksuv/2020-2019-53-62 Anyone see this? I emailed their sales and was told 6-8 weeks for release. Very interested in seeing what's included and what they're doing for ECU tuning.
  10. Picked it up today after ordering back in November. 6.2, carbon pro, factory catback and upgraded brakes.
  11. My truck was built last week and dealer said it's coming this week to Chicago if that helps with delivery time estimate. In other news, woohoo, the wait is nearly over for me!
  12. Apparently there was a shortage of the carbon beds causing the delay, at least that's what the dealer is saying. Guess I should have mentioned I went with that.
  13. So according to my dealer my truck is scheduled to be built this week. It'll be my first truck ever and I'm excited, especially since I ordered it back in November.
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