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  1. Thank you for the prompt feedback and response to my questions. Again, great looking set up.
  2. Beautiful, great to see color match fenders! I just ordered this identical truck about a week ago. Did you install spacers? Does it rub at full lock? Any plastic trimming? Last question I promise, does the rough country lift include replacement UCA’s or did you stay with the factory UCA’s?
  3. Thank you for taking the time to provide all the feedback. I will probably just go with the 35x12.5x20s BFGoodrich KO2s and add a spacer. I have ran three sets of these on my F150 and I’ve always liked them; however, they rub at full lock. I am ready to have a truck with beefy tires that does not rub! Any fender well trimming pics available? Thanks again for sharing with everyone.
  4. Thank you for the extra info. Sounds like 35x12.5 are going to rub after a level unless you add spacers. I wonder if the KO2’s 295/65r20 would clear the uca? They are about 0.7” narrower but still 35” tall. Actually a little taller than the 35x12.5s. Any thoughts on this size and rubbing. Would prefer no spacers if possible.
  5. Thank you for the update and pics, looks fantastic! Any rubbing on UCA’s at full lock? Any chance you could post pics of the trimming you had to do? Your previous post mentioned spacers and ready lift control arms - did you install both UCA and spacers, or just the level?
  6. Thank you for all the pics. Great truck, I am going for exact look! Do you think a 295/65r20 would fit? If so, would it require trimming on the fender wells to make it fit since the tire is 1.18"s taller? Lastly, your tires are 11.77's wide, you think a 12.5" would rub on the UCA - or even fit? Hard for me to tell from the two photos, but curious nonetheless.
  7. Can you please tell me what brand of 1.5” lift you installed? Also, any rubbing yet at full lock or otherwise since you had these installed? I presume these were installed without spacers, but please correct me if I misunderstood. Any help is greatly appreciated. I really would love a set of 35”s on my new AT4 to fit without rubbing - even at full lock. I anticipate adding a level, just to eliminate the factory rake.
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