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  1. I am the wife of a Chevy dealership owner and a horsewoman with a large LQ trailer. I waited for the 2020 so I could have the awesome camera system, as my rear view trailer camera used with my Ford was awesome and I needed to represent our Chevy brand. As soon as I picked up my 2020 HD 3500 I told the dealership I’d be back because the Camera plug being in the bumper would cause the cables to get caught on the bed corner or bumper during sharp turns eventually. Well, this week I was finally able to have our tech at the dealership move my plug to the bed. I found the above thread, sent him the info and he was able to do it with parts they had on hand, He is now trying to figure out how we can replace the 4-pin/7-way that is now in the bumper, with another Camera/7-pin plug. Being a Marine, I don’t give up on finding a solution! I also had or have these issues: 1. Rear view camera on the big trailer not working. Interior camera works. It just quit on a road trip. Rearview camera on my small trailer works fine. So, we know its not the trucks fault. 2. Left turn side view camera failed intermittently. They replaced the side mirror control module (?) if I understood him correctly. 3. GM OEM TPMS sensors will not fit in my Alcoa wheels. The threads are off by 1/64” I have a company working on custom TPMS sensors. I should hear if he was able to do something next week. 4. Gooseneck ball supplied with the truck rusted and became stuck in the bed within 8 months. The mechanism to remove it has broken. I am trying a B&W ball now.
  2. I have a brand new 2020 Chevy 3500. Bed plug works fine on my 2006 Platinum LQ trailer with EOH brakes. Tried to use my 2014 Sundowner bumper pull and the Park Lamps (running lights) and Trailer Brakes won’t work. The rest of the lights and signals work fine. At times the truck will not even recognize the that the trailer is connected. All fuses in truck are fine, replaced trailer plug and same thing. Hook trailer to my 2017 F-350 and everything is fine.
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