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  1. Update, truck rides great with the CST lift. One setting up on the front Bilsteins. 35x11.5xr20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on Fuel Tactics +1 offset.
  2. Are you running stock tire diameter? Assuming you've got 3.42 gears as well? I'm getting ready to install my SLP TVS1900 in the next couple weeks. I'm running 35x11.5xr20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers and dyno'd the truck a couple weeks ago for a baseline. I have 3.42 gears, 87 pump gas, CAI, stock tune, the truck turned 273hp @ 5200 and 313 lbft @ 4200. Glad to hear you got your issues worked out. Roush owns SLP now and when I called I got no help with tunes as you've experienced. I'll be going back for a custom tune once I get everything bolted up. Sorry this was meant for Wilshire37. I see yours is a 2018 6.2l.
  3. Steering is fixed. No interference found. We loosened up the steering shaft u-joint, turned the wheel a few times back and forth and it freed up. Retorqued and good to go.
  4. I'm running back to my buddies in the morning so we can diagnose and fix. I'll report back then, thanks!
  5. I just had a 4.5 CST lift installed in my 2014 Silverado. One of my mechanic buddies tackled the job given he's off work from the COVID-19 shutdown. I've got Bilstein 5100s set to max height on the front and plan on dropping them back down near stock height as they were serving to level the front before the lift. I could go up to a 4 inch block in the rear, but don't really want to spend further dollars on new blocks and U-bolts. I can live with dropping the front about an inch to regain level. So far I'm having steering issues as it won't re-center from either turn direction. Also, the way the brake lines were attached the upper A-arms the bracket is contacting the stock tires at full lock. Questions: Do you have to install longer brake lines or is it just a routing problem with the bracket location? Anyone experience any steering effort or return to zero issues after install? If so, what should we focus on? Steering had no issues before the install. The truck handles awesome and so far very happy with the lift to this point. Just need to address these last couple issues. Then new 295/60R20 Ridge Grapplers on some Fuel Tactics. The 275/55R20s can't live here long, LOL. Thanks for the help.
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