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  1. They're the new Morimoto headlights, I got them from Headlight Revolution. https://headlightrevolution.com/chevrolet-silverado-1500-16-18-xb-led-headlights/
  2. My main hobby is that I train for and compete in powerlifting meets. Have been doing it pretty seriously since 2014 and before that worked out casually since 2011. Last meet was a USPA meet in October of last year in Waynesville, Missouri and I went 7/9 on my lifts totaling 1581lbs in the 220lb weight class. Hoping for mid 1600's this year, just need to stay mostly injury free for awhile. Which unfortunately gets harder every year now that I'm in my mid 30's I also like to read. Mostly audiobooks these days since I spend a lot of time behind the wheel for work. Tried to get back into gaming recently after a decade or more off and can't really get into it much anymore. So 99% of my PS4's use is streaming movies and TV. And then obviously my vehicle hobby.
  3. Got the fog lights working. The Ebay fog lights had different connectors than the Gen5DIY harness, so I spliced the ones that came with the fogs onto the harness. It's pretty easy to hook up. You just take out the air cleaner box and run your headlight connector through the harness and back into your headlights. Then run the red wire to your positive on your battery and connect the fog lights.
  4. My dealership is called Ron Ward Chevrolet in Herrin, Illinois if you want to call their parts department. The guy in charge there was the one telling me about the fog light kit when I was in there asking about some of that hardware for the brackets. He said they'd actually done one. I can't find any info anywhere either, I thought that was weird that there was nothing online about it anywhere since it's at least a somewhat common thing people want to do. Unless it's brand new or he was mistaken. I didn't inquire much further since I'd already bought everything piece by piece anyway. Yes, I needed some u clips to attach the fog lights to the outer brackets. They were M8-1.25 size u clips. At least that's what matched the bolts that came with the Ebay fog lights. I got the last six they had at O'Reilly's and had to get the last two at Ace Hardware. The ones at Ace were $0.95 each. The ones at O'Reilly's were about the same.
  5. It took me a long time, but I ran into some problems and made several trips to town for stuff. Just for the bumper itself only took a few hours. Not an OEM bumper, got it from carparts.com That picture is my old bumper, that sticker is just whatever came on it. Seems pretty much exactly like the one that came off except with fog light holes. Everything lined up okay. Pretty easy to swap the bottom. Just time consuming. I laid out a big moving blanket and put the bumpers across from each other and just pulled all the parts from the factory and swapped them over. Nothing much to it, just a couple different sized sockets and there's a few clips that hold the plastic on too. The only scary part was popping the grille out. It's got clips and it feels like you're gonna break them when you're pulling the grille out. When are you getting your project going? Heard anything back from your dealer? According to the parts guy at my dealership they sell a kit with everything you need to hook up the fog lights for $290. Then labor for them to install and they program your computer so it recognizes the lights. They put the factory switch in and everything. Did your dealer say anything about that? I hadn't heard of it.
  6. Sure. I posted another one a page or so back with a link to a video of the turn signals blinking as well.
  7. https://youtu.be/DxfwlyeXVMU Just took this video and not sure how to post, so hopefully it's viewable. If not here's a pic.
  8. Thanks! Wanted it unique, but not too "aftermarket" if that makes sense. Those headlights have the DRL like the newer trucks, too. Like you said kind of a cross between the 18 and new 19. I like how the grille has Chevrolet across it sort of like the newer heavy duty trucks do. I think it all blends well.
  9. Here's my 2019 Silverado 1500 LD. Spent yesterday evening swapping my chrome bumper with no fog lights for this color matched one with fog lights, swapping my chrome grille for this one, swapping the grille emblem for the black one, and putting in those Morimoto headlights. Had the headlight bezels painted earlier in the week with the other stuff. Had the vinyl stripes done awhile back. Really happy with how it turned out.
  10. Once I had my bumper off I swapped the brackets and that plastic bottom piece from the original bumper to my new one. I swapped the u clips as well. It was pretty straightforward. I just laid a moving blanket out and put the bumpers on it and took everything off the one and put it on the other. Turned out my truck did have the fog light brackets after all. I did have to get some u clips to mount the fog lights into them. They were m8-1.25 u clips. My brackets didn't have them and the fog lights I bought didn't come with them. They just had the bolts. Got the last box O'Reilly's had and ended up having to go to Ace Hardware to get the rest. After that you just do everything in reverse and you're good. I didn't do the wiring on the fog lights yet. Ran into some snags with the headlights and a broken socket wrench and ended up being 10:30pm last night when I got everything back together. According to the instructions on Gen5DIY it's pretty easy to hook that harness up. You just have to remove the air cleaner to tie into your headlights.
  11. @silverado2k18 here's a few more pictures from yesterday. Popping the grille off wasn't bad. It's like four 10mm bolts, then some clips on the far right and left you have to pop up and kinda lift up and out. Just be careful not to break any.
  12. Here's the after picture with the color matched bumper and grille installed and the new headlights with color matched bezels and black bowtie emblem on the grille. I'm going to wire the fog lights another day.
  13. Getting there. Probably going to do the wiring another day.
  14. This is the 15mm underneath. It's just those six total and the bumper comes off. The four 18mm in the first pic, two on each side, and then the one 15mm in this pic on each side.
  15. Okay, so you have to pop that plastic shroud off first under the hood and then remove the grille. It's pretty straightforward. The plastic piece is I think twelve of those plastic trim things that pop off. Then you need a 10mm socket to remove the grille. Once that's out you can see these four bolts here. Two on each side. They're 18mm. There's also two underneath that are 15mm post a pick. Once those are out the bumper comes right off.
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