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  1. The fog lights I bought came with the bolts. I just took one to an auto parts store and matched it with the clips.
  2. My 1997 Buick Lesabre daily driver to keep the miles down on the truck and my 1963 Chevy Nova SS. The Buick isn't pretty and isn't fun to drive, but it's the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. The Nova has been on the back burner since I bought my truck. An LS swap is on my to do list within the next few years though.
  3. I used to have an old Lincoln and had the tweeters mounted on the A Pillar. I want to say it had 3.5" speakers in the dash. I think the crossovers were mounted in the A Pillar as well.
  4. Yes, they're bright and light up the road really well.
  5. When I was a teenager my dad bought a 1970 El Camino SS that he restored and sold. Red with black stripes. Same look as the Chevelle.
  6. They're Morimoto XB headlights, you just swap them in. I did have the bezels painted to match the truck. They come in black or chrome. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/chevrolet-silverado-xb-led-heads-B-LF542?quantity=1
  7. You did say you thought it would catch on. I haven't changed anything since the last pics I posted, but took this just now of the back. I think I'm going to lift it a little more eventually and maybe go slightly bigger on the tires. Maybe a few interior mods.
  8. That's my truck in the picture. If there's anything you guys want to know about it feel free to ask. Appreciate the compliments, by the way. Was going for a different kind of look with it.
  9. Headlights and tail lights are different too.
  10. These are the ones I have in my truck and I think they sound great.
  11. I went with all Memphis Audio in my 2019 1500 LD double cab. 700 watt 5 channel Memphis amp powering everything, two Memphis 10's under the rear seat, all factory speakers replaced with Memphis Power Reference series speakers. Still running the factory head unit. Cost me $2000 with install. Nothing crazy, but sounds great.
  12. Here's with the seat folded down. I usually keep the seat up because it overheats the amp if it's cranked up awhile with the seats down. In a crew cab you might have enough room to mount to the front of the box instead of on top and not have that problem.
  13. Not Kicker, but I've got two Memphis Audio 10's in my double cab. Had to raise the back seat slightly so the seat would fold down normally.
  14. $1.31 a gallon is the lowest I've seen lately in Illinois.
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