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  1. I had leather put in my 2019 Silverado LD, but the guy used Leatherseats.com instead of Katzkin. The shop is a block from my house, so I went with a local business. I'm happy with it.
  2. Here's my 2019 Silverado 1500 LD. So far I've added a 3.5" RC suspension lift, 17" Rockstar wheels on 33" Toyo tires, Borla ATAK exhaust with black tips, black running boards, tinted windows, added leather interior, swapped in all Memphis Audio speakers with 700 watt amp and two 10" subs. Next thing I'm doing is swapping out all the chrome pieces for color matched. Eventually I'd like the truck to be all silver and black. That includes the 4x4 emblems, Chevy emblems, and lettering if I don't remove it altogether. Tail lights smoked as well.
  3. Mine doesn't appear to have them. If I'm looking at it right it's missing that square bracket that the fog light housing goes in with the four bolts. According to that link in my first post the part numbers should be 84029810 and 84029811. I found a local shop to do the painting and the harness from Gen5DIY that makes them come on with the headlights.
  4. I'm looking for the about the same info. I have a 2019 Silverado 1500 LD in silver ice metallic with a chrome bumper with no fog lights and I'm wanting color matched with fog lights. Found the bumper, fog lights, and the harness that makes them come on with the headlights. It's the brackets and miscellaneous stuff is what I'm wanting to make sure I have all of. I'm not sure this is right, but I found these brackets from searching online and they look to be what attach the fog lights to the bumper. https://www.discountbodyparts.com/catalog/feeds/Chevrolet/Silverado_1500/Replacement/Bumper_Bracket/2017/LTZ/SET-REPC013183.html?dbpcid=gglpla&utm_source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=1597045197&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQiAm4TyBRDgARIsAOU75spNvS-Mh3Y_Vi-seWmbO4uiIQ50qYEfHN1f6R1AY5nTo6TTjre_24IaAp59EALw_wcB Can someone confirm these are the brackets that attach the fog lights to the bumper and if there's other hardware needed? I've read a bunch of similar threads on the site and all I've seen mentioned are Rigid Industries brackets and all I see on their site is for the 14-15 models. I guess what I'm asking is will I be able to use mostly my existing bumper hardware to mount the bumper and just need the brackets (if those are correct) for the fog lights? The picture I posted is the back of a bumper with fog lights and what looks like that bracket in the link that holds the fog lights on.
  5. Thanks. It's a former drag car and used to have a lot of engine in it, but it's just a 327 now. I've got a lot of plans for it as well someday, just been spending a lot on the truck lately.
  6. Here's the 63 Nova. Gonna have to reduce my picture sizes, most on my phone seem larger than the 4.88MB max it's giving me unless I'm doing something wrong. Also thanks for the welcome, @slj2008 and @JimCost2014
  7. Here's the truck. Hope I'm doing this right with the pics. It's saying I'm maxed on file size, so guess I'll have to make another post for the Nova pics.
  8. My name is Jake. Last year I bought a 2019 Silverado 1500 LD and have added a few things like a 3.5" suspension lift, 17" inch Rockstar wheels and 33" Toyo tires, Borla ATAK exhaust, leather seats, and a Memphis Audio stereo upgrade. I think next on the list will be swapping the chrome no fog lights bumper to color match with fog lights. Lots of my Google searches bring me here, so I figured I'd sign up. Quick about me I'm from Southern Illinois and I'm a truck driver. Growing up my dad would buy a new Silverado every few years and worked on old cars, all GM. I also have a 1963 Chevy Nova SS and my daily driver is a 1997 Buick Lesabre. My main hobby is powerlifting and I've been competing in that about five years or so. Anyway, thanks for reading.
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