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  1. Im looking to buy rear blocks so what do i need to get? Seeing some guys have some from earlier trucks.
  2. So the problems people are having is with the 4wd
  3. I read somewhere that the Readylift leveling kit is the best one and priced accordingly. Curious everyones thought. And also to get an upper or lower. Its for a 2wd LT if that matters.
  4. Why did you change kits? Just the extra 1/2inch?
  5. Which are bottom and which are top leveling kits? Want to do one for my 2wd
  6. Which are the lower ones the billet type? Also did you do anything to the rear? Thinking of the 2in level on the front and nothing else on my 2wd
  7. Was actually doing some research on this today and the 2 i came across were Sonax wheel cleaner and Mothers foaming tire and wheel cleaner.
  8. Looks like ill be getting the GM mats..thanks everyone for the input!
  9. Hey everyone looking to get the best all weather floor mats. Are weather tech still the best?
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