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  1. I just changed my totally unsafe on wet, noisy & overall poor grip 265/65R18 112T Hankook ATM for a set of Bridgestone Alenza 001 285/60R18 116V (directionnal). Same 31.5" tire than stock 265/65R18. Looks quite wide for a 285 to my opinion but it's maybe only a optical feeling with the bulge. It rubs a little on reverse full lock on RC forged UCA, only one side. Regarding ride, it's just night & day to have this 100% highway V rated tire vs AT tire, as I only do paved roads. Quietness, steering response, grip (for my usage) are a world above the previous setup. Cons is UTQG 300AA, so I don't expect a long threadlife but with my 5000 miles/year...I prefer. Don't know if you can have very good grip (especially on wet) AND long threadlife. Always a compromise.
  2. I love this look, big tires on stock height, seems not lifted or maybe a bit leveled ? What is your tire size ? Have a nice day ! Robin
  3. I'm amazed how ridiculous is the stock front suspension downtravel on these trucks. I initially measured for reference exactly 1,5" when I had the 3" front spacers installed with RC forged UCAs, difference from hub to fender. This was without the bumpstop rubber, UCA was resting on the chassis. I thought that the quite poor ride quality was due to that. So I decided to lower the truck to get a bit more downtravel, to 2.25" (readylift). And to my surprise I didn't get that 3/4 inch back in downtravel... No...only a mere 1/5" more ! And the UCA wasn't even touching the bumpstop ! Strut was simply bottomed out...So my 2.4t 20feet long 4x4 truck has hardly 2,4" of downtravel on its front struts. Lol. Even my business car Kia Sportage has more wheel travel...This is maybe explained by the so stiff springs they have. They hardly compress when jacking down. Then I did put back the rubber bumpstops but these are only slightly in contact with the UCAs. So with a 2 inch level kit on stock UCA I guess that full downtravel is still almost here, that's why ride quality isn't too much impacted. Know I just need to find longer/smoother springs...but impossible to find the spring rate on mine.
  4. Here is my setup, Readylift 2.25" front, RC forged UCAs, 3" rear blocks. Rake is now 1.3" which is fine for me as I didn't like the previous "leveled" look. Furthermore, side steps are now exactly parallel to the ground. Downtravel is almost as good as stock with RC UCAs, & drivability is very nice compared to 3" front spacers installed before ! Since pics taken I put back rubber bumpstops for smooth operation. No more "clunks" ! Robin
  5. Hi, how would you describe the ride with 6112 ? Is it firm ? Thks
  6. Already posted some pics few weeks ago but it's always a pleasure to see and share ours trucks ...And as a 2014-2015 MY owner I need to compensate for all those 2016+ Also a pic of the Rough country forged UCA I installed to relieve poor BJ angle (3" front lift from previous owner). Ride is way better (or much less worse ) In next few days I'll install the 2.25 Readylift instead, to get a better ride with more downtravel, have better CV/Steering angles too & get some rake back. I wanted to go 2" but may be too low for the UCAs. And I can't make my mind for the future : stay lifted or go full stock with the best ride quality….Cause having 3.08 gears, big tires are not an option, I already made that mistake on my previous Tahoe and I didn't like it at all (33" vs 31.5"). Robin
  7. No, but I can ask him. And the tires are 35x12.5 on 20" wheels.
  8. I love the tire size ! 35" ? Which axle ratio ? And I love the 2014-2015 front fascia when lifted. More classic truck like than 2016+ (which I like a lot too )
  9. Precedent owner of mine bought this one...too much for me but...what a beast !!! RC 7" lift if I remember and 33" tires.
  10. Hi, Sorry for bringing this old thread to life, do you know if there is a length difference between OEM front shocks & B5100 ? I plan to install them in the future and get a small front lift, but I don't want to loose downtravel if 3rd or 4th setting can Bottom out the shock before reaching the bump stops ? Did someone tried different settings to see if softness & downtravel are optimal on stock setting or no difference whatever the Notch selected ? It's my only interrogation before deciding to order them Thks, Robin
  11. Roads here it looks a bit like Hawaii ones, and all pick-up imported are 4x4 as you couldn't go very far with a 2wd (& empty bed). At least a rear locker would be the minimum. Rams 1500 here don't have a locker and a friend of mine who has one needs to put in 4wd auto mode to manage some situations where I can stay in 2wd with the Eaton locker.
  12. 1.35$/liter haha. That's 5,1$/gallon which is even more expensive than California
  13. Hi, We have an official dealer here for Chevrolet only (not GM) and only 4 models, Silverado, Colorado, Trax & Trailblazer. local dealer website : https://www.chevrolet.nc/index.php?/ Silverado only available in one variant : CrewCab Standard bed (huge for our small roads…!) in 5.3 LTZ with 18" wheels and 3.08 Export model from Mexico. Not a dealer choice, GM doesn't want to allow local dealer to configure other variants (I think due to our ridiculous market). For 2020 they also received the Trail Boss with 8 spd trans and the LTZ with 10 spd trans. They take care of maintenance & warranty but staff isn't really up to the task, lot of owners prefer to do maintenance by private garages. 91 Octane is about 1.35 USD$/liter here (no regular) Robin
  14. Hi, New to this forum, I come from other side of the world, New Caledonia small French island in the south pacific. This is my 2015 Silverado Export model, LTZ with 3.08... lifted 3" front 1,75" rear by precedent owner, I added front UCA to relieve the ball joint/down travel but don't like the ride. Will soon remove all that cheap stuff and put a set of 5100. Otherwise really impressed by fuel economy at 18 average with a/c all time.
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