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  1. The writer is wrong, the current version of the TSB doesn't require any diag, just s complaint and a build date in the covered time frame. No way I would wait on my truck, keeping fluid in longer causes lasting issues that fluid change won't cure.
  2. Yup, if your trailer has a battery maintainer that keeps stable voltage on the same circuits that truck feeds with trailer pin E, then your trailer will keep your truck battery maintained.just be sure you don't have an isolation switch on the trailer that doesn't allow it to power that circuit to the truck.
  3. This doesn't apply to the 6speed. The 6L80 uses DexVI, not HP. The differentials use 75w85, but 2 different versions. If you've got GM axles its 19368514 (GM Chassis Group axles have a GM Chiclet logo near the opinion flange or on the bottom of housing ) if you've got AAM axles they use 19300457. axle lube is really unlikely to be causing shift concerns.
  4. There shouldn't be any convincing required. The current version of the TSB states that no further diagnosis beyond a customer complaint of torque converter shudder is required for vehicles built from start of production until March 1st, 2019. The issue might be that the dealer is restricted from performing this repair by GM. If your current dealer wont do it, just ask them what store they suggest you take your service business to. If they are just trying to blow you off, this will likely get their attention. If they are on restriction, they'll likely recommend a sister store, or another dealer who isn't.
  5. If there is NO wire currently in the underhood fuse block you won't need to cut anything. If there IS a wire there, it's easier to cut the wire in the truck and splice that harness you are holding to the end that goes into block instead of removing the one that's there just to install another one Doesn't the other end of the wire you are holding have a length of brown wire and the small terminal for inside the truck on the other end of it? If it does NOT have a smaller terminal on the other end then Wire #13582297 is a preterminated lead that will plug into the body control computer brown plug X5 position 10 as stated in the instructions. You could then make your own harness.
  6. You have to have Auto Memory Recall enabled in order to have the settings recalled at startup. To determine which key is which you'll need to start it with one, and then the other in order to get it too display driver #
  7. There have been at least two different GM documents regarding this concern, both required engine control module software updates as remedies. Additionally as mentioned aftermarket 12v accessories left plugged in with vehicle off are known to cause concerns.
  8. It's discussed in the "extended parking" section of owners manual as mentioned. Just buckle your seat belt, or try using one of the seat belt alarm silencers. They are literally just the male buckle portion of a seat belt and can be had for as little as $2.
  9. The actual tool is J-38125-212. You could also make do with a paper clip or two dental type picks and some patience. Alternatively you could sever the existing circuit, and cut off the terminal in the fog light kit, the crimp the kit harness wire to the factory wire coming from the fuse block.
  10. its super simple, a single diode between the fog lamp relay control circuit 1317, terminal 10 in BCM X5, and high beam relay control circuit 1969 terminal 18, BCM X5 gets the job done
  11. Pin C3 in connector X2 under hood(green body) as used for T1 fog lamp control is serviced with a premade lead GM #19332365. No special crimpers are required, using a plain terminal requires special tools or patience and luck. I believe the terminals Zelas posted are also incorrect as they are probably for the body control module. Not the underhood fuse block
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