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  1. Wondering if anyone is running a Kooks catback on their 19-20 truck? I ran Kooks catback on a previous mustang and was impressed with the build quality, fitment, and sound.
  2. I’ve been researching the same thing, but for 5.3. I emailed Carven to see if they were working on a setup for the crew cab standard bed, and they replied maybe down the road. I found Kooks makes a cat back with the option of buying an extension pipe for our setup. I logged in tonight to see if there’s anyone on this site running a kooks catback.
  3. Unfortunately I can add my name to this list. Yesterday pulled my truck out of the garage to do a big spring cleaning. A couple hours later pulled it back in, it stumbled a little pulling it in which I thought was odd. About 9pm I went to move it out again so I could get to something I needed in the garage and it was dead. Only thing that would work was lock/unlock on the key fob. Hooked it up to battery tender/ charger all night, and it still wasn’t showing it charged this morning, but it did start. It had a bunch of codes, check engine, check brakes, etc... so I drove it to my dealer. It ran funny on the way, lag/ hesitation off the line, brake pedal clicked every time I presses it, shifted funny, which my truck hasn’t done any of these previously. To the dealers credit, without any appointment they took in my truck and gave me a loaner Tahoe. We’ll see what they come back with. Also, it’s a 2020 Rst with 750 miles.
  4. The truck I ended up buying on the 13th had everything I was looking for (rst, max tow, standard bed, etc...) but it had the 5.3 instead of the 6.2 I wanted. My friends the sales manager at the dealer and did a 500 mile search and couldn’t find what I wanted with the 6.2. The 6.2 with max tow package is hard to find in any trim level. So I settled with the 5.3.
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