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  1. Irony was exactly what I thought of when I heard GM wanted to bring these things back and I'm not really sure what the point is. The market is already saturated with trucks and SUVs and if anything, what we really need is an affordable EV for the masses (love the Bolt, but it's still too pricey). Instead, we're going to end up with another high priced luxury SUV/truck that most won't be able to afford.
  2. Yes and no - an EV is still going to put out max power while there is enough charge in the battery. Most (like my Leaf for example) build in redundancy systems to keep you going - basically you're never really at 100%, there is always a bit extra for when you get low. Some vehicles (like my Leaf and i3 for example) do have a "turtle" mode for when you get VERY low so that you can hopefully limp your way home. So in that scenario, you would see a loss of power, but it's only because it's built into the system. The solution is to keep enough juice in your EV like you do your gas vehicles. Charge
  3. I'm having a similar issue, but I also realized that I have a pretty massive coolant leak recently. Mine only starts leaking after the truck gets hot, but even before this, the overflow was always emptying out. As far as I can tell there is no coolant getting into the engine and I'm going to see if I can get the leak fixed this weekend.
  4. Sweet, thank you! I'm still planning on going parts diving tomorrow.
  5. 15720545 I'm going to a local yard this week as well. There is one about 30 miles from my house that has a bunch of 88 to 90s era GM trucks to pick from.
  6. I actually found it on eBay last night but they want $175 for it ?
  7. Good news - I found the part number via a local Chevrolet dealership (thank you Huffines Plano). Bad news - It's been discontinued and there isn't a single dealership in the U.S. who has it The search continues......
  8. Thanks, I checked on there and cannot find it either. It's like they have every part but the one I need
  9. Maybe, but I can't find anything for that either. I'm wondering if I could retrofit a newer model hardware with it......
  10. Yes - that's where I got my pic from ? But if you notice in those diagrams, the part in question isn't labeled or identified. It's pictured, but not identified. On the service manual, it just refers to it as "lock assembly", but I can't find it on any online parts retailer for the life of me. Even the one I found on ebay seems to be different from mine.
  11. This is what I need and I can't even find a part number for it.
  12. So can anyone explain to me why this piece is seemingly (A) hard to find and (B) this expensive?? I think mine is bad and it's why the tailgate won't close/latch. I pulled everything yesterday and the spring on it seems to be knackered. I can't even find a good part number for it, etc. Anyone have any ideas of other sources where I might find this?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/92-00-Tahoe-Yukon-Suburban-Escalade-Rear-Hatch-Tailgate-Glass-Latch-Lock-9203/362892872011?hash=item547e19c94b%3Ag%3ADhUAAOSwZ5ReK1N2&fits=Year%3A1992|Model%3ABlazer|Make%3AChevrolet
  13. Here it is - first thing I am doing is trying to clean it out since it's so filthy. Also need to fix rear tail gate and replace struts for the rear glass. Once I get everything cleaned up, I need to restore the interior dash (broken/loose parts), clean up the engine, and it probably needs tie rods (probably some other stuff). If anyone is interested, I can post up more pics as I go along with it. I started cleaning the carpet today and have some pretty nasty pics
  14. From what I can tell, there is little to no activity in here. I just brought home a '92 full size Blazer yesterday to begin as a quarantine project.
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