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  1. So I'm changing the filter and fluid on my transmission yesterday, and after bolting the pan and refilling ATF I get a strange clunk noise after I select my gear. P to R (regular shift noise, then clunk noise right after). It doesnt clunk as loud going into D. Also I couldn't get the pan off initially so I bent the bracket slightly but made sure everything including the retainer pin was back in place. Only thing I noticed was the dipstick read 1/4" over full when warm and 1/2" over full hot (idling right after 20minute drive). But I'm going to stick a plastic tube in there tomorrow and grab out a couple ounces which will bring it right on the full line. If the video isnt showing up just imagine a noise twice as loud as the normal gear selector noise. Just a clunk, no grinding or anything. 20200402-194209-1-1.mp4
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