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  1. True, but that was the 455hp one. What do you think about the new 750hp one?
  2. Does the tonneau cover improve gas mileage over not using one? I've seen a few people take off their tailgates for better mpg, does this really work?
  3. What package would be better, the 2019 Canyon All-Terrain Leather, or the 2021 Canyon AT4?
  4. How fast do you think this will be? SVE claims it has 750hp. Their old 455hp one did a 4.5 second 0-60.
  5. You've said the same thing with different fonts at least 5 times now. Please give it a rest.
  6. That's not the only reason. Some people are trolls, some people respond too much to trolls, and others are just dedicated to this subject. Also, did you mean to say didn't or did?
  7. The original question was meant to be objective. Sorry if I worded it wrong.
  8. Just wondering, what's with the poem format?
  9. Thank you...this is the format people should use when responding to these opinion questions. There is no definitive answer to my question. Some people want the extra power, some people want the lower price. Hope you guys can get along better.
  10. Better: 6.2 > 5.3 or 6.2 < 5.3? I want to know if the power is worth the extra cost or not
  11. I have already a few pages back. Do the extra power of the 6.2 outweigh the cost and mpg of the 5.3
  12. Typical. Hopefully GM will try new things like in the old days, where they were making turbine cars and wild prototypes. Now all they can come up with is this.
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