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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Cold Air Inductions intake? Looks similar to the Rotofab, but uses the factory lower box. Considerably cheaper, but looks to be well built. https://www.coldairinductions.com/shop/cold-air-inductions-products/cold-air-intakes/chevrolet/silverado/2019-2020-silverado-and-sierra-1500-6-2l-truck-cold-air-intake-textured-black-512-0105-6-b/ Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. These look as good as any aftermarket option that i've seen. I would really like to keep the red and only black out the chrome part. I may be resorting to plastidip at this rate, but those look good.
  3. Lol, I wish brother. Unfortunately I'm right smack in the middle of the country. Field trip?
  4. Any updates on your thoughts with this system? What are you experiencing at highway speeds, any drone, louder in the cabin than expected, etc? I am most intrigued by this system and wanting to go with the S-type over the GM option, but I do frequently make trips to our lake house (about 3.5 hours each way) and I don't want it to be obnoxious on longer road trips.
  5. I haven't been around a 6.2 with either of these exhaust systems yet to hear how they sound in person. Has anyone heard them in comparison to the Toyota TRD Performance dual exhaust? I had this on my last tundra with the 5.7 and was wondering how the GMPE compared in tone and volume to the TRD exhaust?
  6. I'll be interested to hear your feedback. Also interested to hear your thoughts on CAI with factory exhaust, and then CAI with borla exhaust. Any "noticeable" performance differences from stock? Which Borla system did you end up going with?
  7. I noticed the Alexa app on mine as well. Haven't used it yet
  8. I remember reading the thread about the cab popping when backing out of the driveway, and that crossed my mind if it was the same sound. Mine just happened running down a smooth highway at 70 mph, so I wasn't sure if I was experiencing the same thing. Hadn't read anything about the exhaust "complaint" yet, but if this is all common knowledge, thanks for the heads up and I apologize for repeating another thread. At least my mind can rest at ease now. lol
  9. Has anyone else noticed the condensation from the A/C dripping onto the exhaust after they have been driving the truck and hearing the sizzling sound every time it drips when you get out and shut the truck off? I've had my truck for a little over 3 months now and this has never happened until this past Friday after about a 3 hour trip. Now it does it after every trip, even to and from work. I had my first oil change done Thursday morning, but did drive the truck back and forth to work Thursday and Friday before the road trip and still never noticed it. At about the 2.5 hour mark into the drive Friday night, I did hear a loud metallic sounding "pop" that sounded like a rock or something hard hit the top of the cab. It was loud enough it startled me and made my dog jump up from a dead sleep in the back seat. It did echo somewhat in the cab, so hard to pinpoint exactly where it came from, but it sure sounded like the top of the cab right behind the front row seats. When I got to my destination, that's when I noticed the sizzling sound for the first time. I just assumed it was residual washer fluid dripping onto the exhaust as I had just used quite a bit attempting to clean some of the bug splatter off the windshield. I looked the whole truck over searching for a rock chip or anything that might have been the source of the loud pop that I heard, but I could find nothing. Not sure if it is all just coincidence or not, but does anyone have any ideas why the route of the condensation would suddenly change and be dripping onto the exhaust? It's not that big of a deal I don't suppose, but kind of annoying every time you shut the truck off and it is a constant "drip... sssss... drip....ssss" for several minutes until it cools down.
  10. Picking up rock for a landscaping project a couple weeks back. Truck tows great, even without having the Max Tow Package. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. Mine had been doing this since I bought it in March. I keep it on the home screen 90% of the time, but I'm always looking at Trip 1 to see how many miles I have on the current fillup and what kind of mileage i'm getting. Last week on the way home from work I sequenced over, it popped up randomly on Trip 2. I scrolled up to Trip 1 and left it there for the remainder of my drive home from work, and made sure to shut the truck off with Trip 1 showing on the display. It's been about a week now and SO FAR, every time I sequence to the right from the Home screen, Trip 1 appears. Prior to this, I would always sequence over, scroll up to Trip 1, and then sequence back to the Home screen. It would never go back to Trip 1 after that, I would have to scroll up again. You might give it a shot what I did above. Good luck.
  12. Picking up edging stones and rock for a weekend landscaping project. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. You're the one hogging all the hand sanitizer!
  14. I kinda agree with you. I like the newer gen head unit and the location of the brake controller better than the previous gen, but other than that, I wouldn't consider it much of an upgrade. There is a ton of blank space plastic in the new ones that I feel could have been better designed. Either way, I don't hate it and it's functional.
  15. Truck Hero acquired BAK Industries some time back and now own extang, BAK, Undercover, and I think a couple others. The tri-folds are very VERY similar in function and design between them. Probably made in the same factory. I don't think i could definitively tell you one is better than the other as they are all very popular with similar reviews
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