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  1. What did you use to make the letters red? Ive been thinking about plasti dipping the tube to do that same look.
  2. Like the idea of using grip tape to make the lettering on the side step red. What kind of grip tape did you use and how has it been holding up? I was thinking about using plasti dip before I saw this.
  3. If I had gotten the 6.2 it would have been the ATAK but the S type keeps that low rumble I love. Loud cold start but it settles nicely. Speaking from the 5.3 it is exactly what you explain. If your actually listening you can hear them but I really dont think its too loud until you get on it. I think these would sound even better on a 6.2.
  4. Got the Stype in the market for the intake now. Looking at aFe, roto-fab and volant. Cold air induction was in there but I think you just helped me with that one. Thanks!
  5. How do you like the AEM CAI? Trying to figure out which one I want to go with.
  6. First thing I got was the Borla S-type cat back with dual gloss black tips. Really wanted the ATAK, like on my 2016, but I guess Borla couldn't get the sound and performance they wanted. Added the truxedo pro x15 and BD trims red outline with black inside letter inserts. Thinking about the redline style lettering for the silverado and LT. Still a long ways to go but the journey is just starting.
  7. Just got this 2020 LT Trail Boss. Traded in my 2016 LT All Star edition. Missing a few of the accessories but over all pretty happy with this truck... Now for the mods.
  8. Another option for XM radio is the phone app. I have the app on my phone and can stream it all from Bluetooth or if my phone is plugged into the usb. Just like your waze or music it can be ran from the trucks display. Works great.
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