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  1. Hi all, I just installed the rough country level kit on my AT4, I love it! But I need bigger tires, does anyone know what the biggest tire I can fit on the stock 20’s is? I found info but for the 18’s only.
  2. Installed the rough country level kit yesterday now to see what the biggest tires I can fit on the 20’s
  3. No issues fitting those tires with the level? This is exactly what I'm looking to do, keeping stock wheels for now...
  4. What mattress did you end up going with? I just got my napierz truck tent!
  5. Did you end up doing this? I want to do a muffler replacement or delete but don’t want drone. I don’t need anything crazy loud like the atak although it sounds amazing
  6. I seriously love this thing more and more everyday.
  7. Can you post some clips please? Interested in doing a muffler on my 6.2!
  8. Great thanks! Might be time to expand my search lol
  9. There's a used 2019 AT4 6.2 available near me with 10k miles for 48,9, good deal? It has preferred, technology, and premium packages.
  10. What’s real world gas mileage difference between the 5.3 and 6.2?
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