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  1. My truck is a 20 and both the front and rear bushings on the springs look like they are about to fall apart. Is anyone else seeing this? I am going to take it in for the TSB on the leafs because it does clunk but more concerning to me would be if those bushings failed.
  2. I think mine just started making this same noise in that last 1500 miles; I notice it the most backing into a parking spot. Like most things that have popped up on this truck it is still intermittent, so I wonder how the dealer response will be.
  3. Has anybody else has issues with their radio randomly shutting off? It seems like it only happens when my iphone is plugged in to the USB, I've tried a couple cables and still the same. It did it several times when the truck was new then went away for a while. Now its doing it again after the update. Screen goes black and no sound and stays off until I press the power again.
  4. Now that I think about it, you get smaller tires on the DRW.
  5. That is unloaded on a 20 High Country, I would think all the trims are the same height. I was surprised as well on one sheet I found from Chevy, the 3500 SRW has a total height 1" taller than the 2500.
  6. Just checked a 20 DRW, to the top of the receiver is 22.5".
  7. I ordered 2/9, the first TPW I got was 3/8, then a week later got bumped to 4/5. Hopefully it wont move again, unless it up.
  8. Did you get the regular height or low rack from Magnum? Any issues with the upper camera if you have one? I have one on a 1500 and love it, but not sure if it would interfere with the camera on a 3500.
  9. Good to hear. My last long trip with a travel trailer I averaged a tick over 7 mpg for 2000 miles.
  10. How do you like the 6.0 with the fifth wheel? I have the 6.0 with a travel trailer and the mileage kills me on the highway.
  11. I have a 2020 Custom with the 5.3 and 6 speed. I have noticed when slowing down abruptly (not slamming on the brakes, but traffic light changes late) the down shifts can be very hard. Most of the time I only feel it going down to first but has happened into 2nd as well. Anybody have an idea on what the issue could be, or is there a problem at all? I cannot get it to do it every time so diagnosing would be hard. I have been driving 5.3 with 6 speeds for a long time an never felt anything like this. I'm also not sure if there were changes with the new body style on the transmission.
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