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  1. I took the rebates and GM gave me a rate of 4.6%. I’m still going to refi with my credit union . This was last month .
  2. Just stopped by the dealer for service and they only had 2 trucks on the lot and my sales guy said they were going for full msrp
  3. Debating this is driving me crazy. im putting in new speakers in my new truck and cant decide. Currently looking at Infinity Kappa 6.5 components, these use to be regarded as high end back in the day now seems like all the talk is Focal, JL , Hertz, Morel. I just cant imagine paying $500 for a set of speakers. Infinitys seem like a good value at half the price assuming they are still high quality.
  4. I just got my 2020 RSt last week and feel the interior and dash is dated , that Tahoe setup makes mine look 10 yrs old .
  5. Im trying really hard not to go down this money pit , stuff gets our of control real quick. debating of going with Infinity Kappa stuff they are a good price compared to JL Focal and high end gear.
  6. New to the forum. Is the head unit the same on both the Bose and non Bose systems? the only difference is the speaker quality and Bose processor/amp?
  7. Picked up my 2020 RST last night msrp 46,840$ Paid 37,343$ used the rebate plus Costco 1000$ rebate and made them throw in free floor boards i didn’t have much leverage but they also paid me more than others on my trade in . zero down no payments for 120 days . best I could do here in SoCal .
  8. damn looks like some guys are getting good deals and still passing on them. Im fighting with a deal right now that only wants to give me $2500 off plus the rebate.
  9. New Member here, almost picked up a RST this weekend. im amazed at some of the deals you guys are getting. Here in Socal Dealers wont budge much more on top of the rebate.
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