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  1. I use app on my phone and a wireless obd port adapter. Yes the exhaust will have a different tone and very easy to miss if you are the least bit distracted or have the radio on.
  2. Towing a 5k open car trailer netted 500 mile regen worst mpg was during this time calculated 20 mpg. just covered 4400 miles with a calculated mpg of 35.4 and 18 regens. But this is not highway driving 2 lane rural driving which the truck loves for high MPG
  3. Every 300-400 miles between regens ? try 180-300 miles not towing. More like 2 a tank minimum. My truck is getting 35+mpg tanks on average 3 regens a tank. Avg is 246 on mine. Even if I do get lower mpg 28 tanks. still 2 regens a tank.
  4. It actually runs cooler when towing because the truck is trying to lower the oil temps!!!!! neat to watch when you use an app/idash.
  5. What does paperwork say in regards to the update they say they did for the excessive DEF consumption. Haven't seen anything about update for that
  6. I just did 4300 miles/250 miles a day over the past month. Regens happen on my truck aprox 245 miles. Aprox 3 times a tank during this time. Anywhere from 180 miles to 303 miles. Towing I can get 500 miles. I use the torque pro app to monitor. It only has regens when soot level reach''s 100%. Fuel mileage over that distance was 35.4 mpg best tank was 36.7.
  7. Can I ask? In a later post you stated the truck goes 236 degrees That is a very specif number. Are you going off the manual gauge or are you looking at the ECM data through a App or I-dash. I view coolant data through the Torque Pro app. Highest coolant temp I've seen is 226F. What I have found is that the ECM is trying to increase the oil temps to about 230 when the coolant goes over 220. The inverse is true also. I've seen high 180-190 temps when the ecm is trying to lower 250-268 oil temps. Its rather neat to watch.
  8. Guys these trucks run really warm under certain conditions. The cooling system is no a conventional system we are all used to. With the Active cooling system. These trucks normally do run 210+ Max Ive seen is 226. Why run it that hot you ask. only time I have seen it that warm is to increase the oil temps to the 230-240 range. As other's have noted the truck tends to by the gauge run cooler when towing. Yes they do. Lowest I've seen is 189f. But this time to lower high engine oil temps(268F). If you do monitor coolant/oil temps with an App or gauge assembly. Its rather neat to watch.
  9. Just covered 3100+ miles for a calculated average 35.01Mpg. Current tank is on par to increase that number by a bunch. At 700 miles the DTE still reads 217 miles to go. Which would put the overall tank at 917 miles !!!!
  10. Rear Spring Unit Bolt Nut (3)»Tighten in sequence[4x] First Pass:80 Y  (59 lb ft) Second Pass:loosen 180 degrees Third Pass:80 Y  (59 lb ft) Final Pass:120 - 140  degrees Rear Spring Front Bolt (1)»Tighten160 Y  (118 lb ft) Rear Spring Shackle Nut(2)»Tighten[2x]115 Y  (85 lb ft)
  11. Have the 3.0 Duramax. Its actually the turbo actuator and variable intake cycling making the noise. Haven't heard the DEF pump Just the "Clack, clack, clack, clack, weeeze! The look on peoples faces when the hear it !!!!! LOL
  12. DTC P200A Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve Performance DTC P20F8 Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve Control Circuit Performance Reduced Engine Power = Active P16 Instrument Cluster = Reduced Engine Power Warning Message = Service Emission System /Service Exhaust Fluid System
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