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  1. Rear Spring Unit Bolt Nut (3)»Tighten in sequence[4x] First Pass:80 Y  (59 lb ft) Second Pass:loosen 180 degrees Third Pass:80 Y  (59 lb ft) Final Pass:120 - 140  degrees Rear Spring Front Bolt (1)»Tighten160 Y  (118 lb ft) Rear Spring Shackle Nut(2)»Tighten[2x]115 Y  (85 lb ft)
  2. Have the 3.0 Duramax. Its actually the turbo actuator and variable intake cycling making the noise. Haven't heard the DEF pump Just the "Clack, clack, clack, clack, weeeze! The look on peoples faces when the hear it !!!!! LOL
  3. DTC P200A Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve Performance DTC P20F8 Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve Control Circuit Performance Reduced Engine Power = Active P16 Instrument Cluster = Reduced Engine Power Warning Message = Service Emission System /Service Exhaust Fluid System
  4. You don't know a single person that works as a supplier to GM? Supplier discount has to be $3.5k to $4K+-
  5. What did you find wrong with the oil temps? Extremely high? i also have the Toque pro app and one of the pids puts oil temps just cruising were 280+ very quickly. Guess the GM pid reads incorrectly , reading way high and you have to use the generic pid. The generic pid to me correlates to what I feel oil temp should be(10f-20f over coolant temp). But it does look like the active cooling system is used in two ways. One to warm the oil up to aprox 226f-236f. The other aspect to cool off the oil temps above 236f which this truck will do even unloaded.. Its really neat to watch when you are monitoring both pids together. Think this is why many have stated some bigger temp swings, especially once the oil temp reaches just over 200f and the truck is trying to increase the oil temp.. I've seen coolant temps as high as 226f when the truck is trying to increase the oil temps and coolant temps as low as 185f when its trying to bring down the oil temps down from 250f-266f. Interesting technology, different operation from what were accustomed to and would love to talk to a GM engineer about it.
  6. 2020 RST Crew Cab no sunroof does the same. Basically from day one!!!!! After sitting in the sun and driving away with the AC on makes its very consistent and multiple pops too.
  7. My 2020 rides just like that paved roads. I can get the rear to step out on just regular roads. Hell it will do it on a Interstate. I haven't taken it down the washboard dirt road yet. Already know the outcome.
  8. Something about the transmission going into neutral if the range sensor has an error
  9. Was reading over the GM OEM repair information(I don't work for GM). This particular code repair tree has what I call poor diagnostics. You don't check wiring at all. Basically if the code sets and there is no other codes. Replace the  Exhaust Particulate Matter Sensor. Hopefully GM will get to the bottom of it.
  10. Kevin Anyway your employer does anything for GM? There is a supplier discount. You could also have a friend or family that works for GM/vendor. They can share the discount. I just bought a 20 crew cab 3.0 over the weekend. On a msrp of $51835 Supplier discount was $2932.
  11. Just bought a RST 3.0 Duramax over the weekend. FYI Supplier discount made for just over $2900 savings off MSRP. This dealer had five RST Crew and one Sierra SLE Crew all lightly optioned trucks alone.
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