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  1. That makes sense, I only read the section to know approximately how much each dot meant in fluid, but not the full tech b3hind it. thanks! Then it seems everything is going great.. loving this truck so far
  2. On a drive back over Loveland pass elevation 12000. My def gauge started acting a fool where it was announcing and ever changing def range I never dismissed it (all in the 200 some range). I went from two dot from full to two dots left in a matter of a 150 mile drive. Once I got home I topped op the tank with a 2.5 gal jug, now it shows one dot away from full! Color me confused anyone else see it behave odd?
  3. So how much weight loss will one get with removal of side steps? is there 100lbs worth of increased payload there?
  4. doesn't look like anything is cut but, maybe the author can confirm.
  5. Interesting, tempted to buy this for my brand new 2020 that somehow lacks wireless CarPlay but has a charger haha
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