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  1. This. I have a small compressor that I use when I go off roading.
  2. You probably should put a note in your signature that you are a special needs individual so people know who they are dealing with. Just as a suggestion, it might be time to move on. Everyone else knows what TNTSilverado is talking about.
  3. Looks good John. Thanks for the info. I like the price. Enthusiast
  4. So I did the muffler delete today. Best $100 I’ve ever spent. Sounds great, like a 8 cylinder should. Got ride of the flapper valve as well. Sounds perfect. Much louder at startup and acceleration. Slightly louder while cruising, but not bad. I don’t find the extra noise to be a problem at all.
  5. This was really bugging me, so I went out and measured all three of my vehicles. Basically, the positioning (in respect to each other) of the brake and gas petals were the exact same. I even went as far as measuring the height difference and on all three vehicles the brake petal is 2 1/2" higher than the gas pedal. All three vehicles are made by different manufacturers. I have never noticed a difference in any vehicle that I have ever driven. I would think this would be a standard for safety reason, but who knows? Maybe the distance you are seated from the pedals is af
  6. Thanks for the additional pictures. Very helpful. I do a lot of beach driving and I see a lot of trucks with various lighting systems. I'm interested in mounting one, but there are so many out there, it's tough to choose. One last request and no pressure, but if you get a chance to take a picture with the lights on the next time you are out and about, would be greatly appreciated. The beach season is about over here in the NY region, so I am in no rush to get something, so like I said, no rush.
  7. Transient, thanks for the honest review. Can you take some pictures from a little higher? Maybe one from the bed to look at how the lights mount and the wiring? Also maybe a higher view from the front? Maybe use a latter. Is the light pattern very focused frontward or is it dispersed to the sides?
  8. Thanks Transient, useful information. It seems that my options are going to be limited. The soft root up will be my fallback. Not sure I am willing to spend $2500.
  9. Just picked her up Friday. 2020 LT Trail Boss, 5.3 liter. Didn’t really want the running boards or sports bar, but stock was very limited and I really wanted the color and standard bed. I’m actually starting to like the look. I’m very happy so far. First Chevy. Coming from a Ram 1500. What tonneau covers can I use with the sport bar?
  10. I am picking up my new 2020 LT Trail Boss with a 5.3l engine this Friday. I would have absolutely ordered the 6.2l engine, but I couldn't find any in the trim I wanted. Most of the trucks available on the lot are 5.3l with the short beds. I was able to find a standard bed which i really wanted but not the 6.2l. I drove my buddy's 18 Chevy LT with the 5.3l and it felt quick. I'm coming from a 2012 Ram with the Hemi and the Chevy seemed to be pretty close to speed. I had nothing but issues with the Ram (lifters/cam) and a ton of electrical issues, so I'm hoping for a lot more luck wi
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