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  1. 2020 SIlverado RST with 6.2L, I have 2 flappers on mine as well. One right before and one right after muffler.
  2. Humm, I've had mine on the 12v cig lighter plug for 2 days straight without cranking truck and it was still running fine. I ran firmware upgrade on mine before I installed it. Did you do that?
  3. Thanks! Unfortunately not yet! Got busy working on a workbench for my garage lol! The power commander shouldn't take too long though. I already have fuse taps and just need to get volt meter out and figure out which to use. Good luck and have fun with the install. I have set my sensitivity down on the motion as it was being set off by everything. I did catch the damn bird who keeps pecking on my windows and even scratched my door slightly...going to be a dead bird if I catch his ass in person lol!
  4. Thanks Flyinwells! This was very useful in getting me started on my Blackvue install. I made a new topic with a PDF of my install and some of the issues I encountered. I also included a link back to your article as well. I am definitely going to upgrade to the mount you are using in the near future. Thanks again!
  5. First I would like to say thanks to Flyinwells for saving me some time with this install. His article definitely helped! I decided to do an article to expand on the install and hopefully help a few more people out. I did not show the install of the powermagic pro yet but can add it later once I install it. For now, I am using the 12V cigarette lighter. 2020 Silverado Dash Cam.pdf
  6. 2020 Chevy Silverado RST with 6.2L. Been on the board a while now looking at all the mods and great info! Thought it was time to share mine. Pretty much stock except nerf bars (that may get changed out) and front tint. Put the first wax job on yesterday. Aftermarket exhaust is next, 2 channel dash cam, and black rims. Dash cam is after a Toyota hit me in rear at 5 mph last week...thank God I had left my old rusty trailer ball on truck...no damage except a hole in his front bumper!
  7. I did it and didn't notice any difference nor had any issues with mine.
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